Somaliland – Somalia: Failing the Joint Airspace Management is the Total Failure to Resume the Talks


Ankara3333333Ankara3333333Signing of Ankara ComminqueBy Mohamed A. Mahmoud ( Barawaani)

24, July 2014


The London Somalia international conference in 2012 was a milestone for Somaliland and Somalia politics because it instigated a good inception that intended to help clarify the major political dispute between Somalia and Somaliland.1 The intention behind this proposal was to create a political atmosphere that parties can talk meaningfully at expenses of internationally led process of mediation or facilitation.

However, Somaliland and Somalia have been conducting these bilateral talks since the post- London conference in 2012. But until now, there is no significant outcome achieved except both parties to demonstrate their willingness and political interest to pursuit the frequent meetings in Chevening, Dubai, Istanbul and Ankara. Nonetheless, if the airspace joints agreement fails, there is no doubt that the whole talks will be failure and that the Turkey’s mediation role will be questioned.

Thus, the traditional international community as UK, US, EU, UN and AU must take some steps and hold accountable both parties specially the Federal Government of Somalia which has violated the joint agreement together signed by both parties. In addition to that, it was a symbolic moment at domestic and international limelight that Somaliland and Somalia talks diminished a long term apprehensive situation in which likely might fuel the current problems in the Horn of Africa.

Therefore, the decision that ICAO and UNDP arranged to handover the airspace management to Somalia is indeed nullified, since the joint agreement that the two parties validated was a binding accord.

In addition, parties were supposed to establish mechanisms of controlling and managing air traffic jointly. However, it seems to be a deplorable step to hear again such unilateral transfer demanded by the Government of Somalia without respecting the mutual agreement.

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Artcile about airspace crisis between Somaliland and Somalia



  1. “Somaliland” will be put in it’s place in due time. You confused children will soon learn the reality of geopolitics and international relations – Somalia will never ever be split in two.

    • C’mon, smell the coffee, will you! What Somalia are you talking about? There is no such thing as Somalia, May be you should name the name the warlord fiefdom you belong to, just to be modestly precise. In truth, there is no single Somalia fiefdom that is capable to run its affairs let alone invading a neighbouring country like Somaliland.

      • You got that right Yusuf. These small handed trolls are day dreaming, so let them dream as long as they want. Tell’em your somalia is dead and we long buried it under your garbage.

      • Huh ‘lol’ invading Somalians.. How do a country invade its own territory .. and speaking of warlord .. Somaliland and puntland could still be called warlordS because their so called governments are based on their tribes isaak vs majeerteen.,

  2. Somaliland is a reality for the past 23 years, so for you to say will never split shows who is confused here. and by the way somaliland come about by force and stays by force so if you think recognition by outsiders will help you out then you an idiot. we show somalia the road and that is that period.

  3. The sudden interest of Turkey in Somali affairs was a calamity for the Somaliland cause. This naive, sentimental Eurasion power is alergic to ‘secessions’ and ‘self-determinations’ and ‘refrendums’ and anything that smacks so much as rights of citizens of nations who wish to run their own affairs. The Turk has a problem called the Kurd. Secession means Kurdistan. And that goes against everything modern Turkey is built on. It is an insecure rump of once all powerful empire that feels it lost enough and not willing to contempolate losing anymore. So when Turkey summoned us to ‘negotiate’ with Somalia, the Silanyo govt, although not creaking with poltical talent, knew Turkey was no objective mediator. It wanted what Somalila wanted. What were Somaliland to do? If we said no, we would’ve offended a vengeful emerging world power and the consequences would’ve been serious for us. So I think given these circumstances the Silanyo govt did well in a terrible situation. It kept Turkey from becoming an active enemy of ours. And god knows the last thing we need is more enemies.


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