Somaliland’s Jus Ad Bellum


president AhmedAhmed Mohamed Mahamoud Silanyo is the president, the leader of Somaliland and the commander-in-chief of its armed forces with the mandate to protect its borders with the support of the mass public opinion, the legislature and opposition parties all behind him and he will not be hamstrung by the uproar of outsiders. The decision to enter Taleeh was coherent and the correct one and there are no disputed regions in Somaliland. Somaliland has an enduring policy of harmony, peace and friendship towards its neighbors, however what this president will not do is avoid retaliating against the blatantly constant provocation on his citizens and territory by those that want to subvert Somaliland’s harmony. As any other nation Somaliland reserves the “Right To Go To War” (Jus Ad Bellum).

Somaliland will not be idle while outsiders irrespective of their political clout interfere with its internal concerns notwithstanding if they are the EU, US envoy along with the British ambassador, their words are not pious and their actions do not promise manna for Somaliland, Somaliland previously dispelled their conflated sweeping statements as a myth when they issued travel bans against Somaliland bundling with the lawless nation of Somali, those purported threats lacking remonstrance never materialized because Somaliland is a safe and secure nation, and now the president will certainly not abdicate his responsibility to deal with perceived threats within his borders as he sees fit.

President Ahmed M. Mahamoud is ultimately responsible for ensuring the security and safeguarding the sovereignty of Somaliland, and Somaliland will not tolerate nor stand by while the dysfunctional Puntland brings its pandemonium across the border to into the peaceful Somaliland, nor will Somaliland will allow members of the Somali parliament to create discord among the inhabitants of Somaliland with impunity regardless of the objection and uproar of foreign powers.

Somaliland has been at the vanguard of the lawless land of Puntland that utilizes Somaliland as a scapegoat for its inherent problems, and others that are dead set on breaking up the president’s successful dialogue of conciliatory rapprochement with leaders and elders of Sool region holding grievances against Somaliland. Somaliland can only guarantee its security and that of its neighbors only when it secures its own borders first.

The president has had a conciliatory rapprochement, he called for and initiated dialogue in settling internal disagreements with the leaders of Sool region harboring grievances against the state from the beginning and. The president’s approach has been successfully fruitful, managing to dispel the distrust and incorporating mutual understanding by building confidence and relieving the prevailing tensions, a process embedded with elders and all the needed conduits to nourishing the peace and maintaining the overall amity throughout Somaliland.

The president’s prolong concerted effort of goodwill and mutual understanding have yielded truce with the current minister of health Dr. Suleiman Isse Ahmed and his constituents and more recently Garaad Jama Garaad Ismail and his followers. The president’s conciliatory pathway promoted cooperation, averted and remedied conflict through consultation; in addition Somaliland has an enduring policy of harmony, peace and friendship towards its neighbors, however what this president will not do is avoid retaliating against the blatantly constant provocation on his citizens and territory along with those that want to subvert Somaliland’s harmony, The president has the liberty and it is his duty to ensure the safety and defend the existence of Somaliland irrespective of the erroneous pretext given by assailants of Somaliland.

Puntland the region anguishing in the doldrums of chaos and is the pinnacle nexus of

criminal-enterprises of drug traffickers, money counterfeiters in collaboration with pirates, local clan militias and terrorist, has for too long used Somaliland as a scapegoat for its inherent problems, calculating that the peaceful and benevolence Somaliland will continue to remain passive.

Unlike the new president of Puntland Abdiweli Gaas who few months into his presidency called for the foreign AMISOM troops in to his territory, Somaliland has been at the vanguard all along and has lived up to its global expectation and moral responsibility of dealing with what comes out of lawless Puntland, Somaliland prisons are filled with misfits and pirates from Puntland. Somaliland will not tolerate nor stand by while dysfunctional Puntland brings its mayhem across the border to into the peaceful Somaliland.

It is misfortunate that Somaliland’s borders with Ethiopia and Djibouti are currently closed due to security related issues, but only once Somaliland holds preponderance and dominion of its territory, then it can guarantee the security of its neighbors.

It is in the inherent interest of the international community and neighbors of Somaliland to assist Somaliland in securing its borders. Somaliland has been accountable and a major player in the stability and collective security of the region, Somaliland spends over 60% of its budget on such security. Somaliland has earned a strategic importance because of its virtue of stability and wisdom and it alone can ensure its security and safeguard its sovereignty.

Ahmed Mohamed Mahamoud Silanyo is the president enshrined and entrusted by the constitution of the Republic of Somaliland article 90 to protect the peace of Somaliland’s total area of 137, 600sqkms, and its coastline of 850kms, and he will not tolerate the infringement of his state’s sovereignty, and for that as any other nation Somaliland reserves the “Right To Go To War” (Jus Ad Bellum).


Geleh Ali Marshall


  1. alla maxaa huuhaa la isu akhrinayaa.. war beenta naga dhaafa oo dhulkeena ka baxaa. Reer isaaq dhulka dhulbahante ee alle siiyey ee balaadhan ee saliidu ka buuxdo isaga baxa ama xabad baa la idinka saarayaa. Odaygan aad madaxweyne ku shegaysaaan ee sacsaca ah wax uu difaaci karo ama ka hortagi karo ma jirto. Maanta ciidamada saaxdheer bay is hor fadhiyaan oo ilaa 8000 oo askari oo khaatumo ah baa caga idin marin.

    • This is really a pathetic attempt to justify and glorify somaliland’s blatant attacks on civilians in Sool region. As we speak the somaliland army has killed a number of civilians in a village south of lasanod in an atempt to stop the leaders of the region from meeting under the auspices of khatumo.they uave also detained the universal tv reporter karaama who repoted these atrocities on the civilian population.
      Somaliland is a tribal hased regiobal administration which fall under the defacti territory of is not a soverign nation and it falls within somalias cannot justify the ethnic cleansing of the dhulbahante people of sool by claiming a false statehood that is not recognised anywhere.
      Your article amounts to hate speech and an incitement to ethnically cleanse dhulbahante people from their homeland in sool sanaag and ayn regions.your militias are atacking and killing innocent civilians and incarcareting hundreds of them all in the name of a false state led by isaaq warlods.
      Your current leader ahmed silanyo has a history of genocide and it is well known that he slaughtered over 80 dhulbahante civilians in huddun town in the nineties.he is currently spearheading the forceful.removal of dhulbahantes from their homelands and replacing them with his kinsmen the isaaq.
      These issues are now known to the international community and you have been.warned to keep off the regions inhabited by the dhulbahante who do not want to become part of somaliland but want to set up their own administration under the federal republic of somalia.
      You cannot force people who dont want you to join using military force.your crimes against humanity,war crimes and genocide against the dhulbahante people are being monitored and you and your admibistration will one day he called to account by the

  2. Is it not an irony and self-contradiction for those who declared self-determination from Somalia based on a principle of self-wishes to break the same principle by hijacking the will of others to do the same. The worst of all this is that the Silanyo authorities are trying to achieve this using brutal and insane force which has failed to achieve anything at all at least from a historical perspective. If the self-declared state of SL wants its claims of sovereignty to be listened and taken seriously, it has to listen and respect first others’ determination to decide on their future as much as SL wants to decide on its own.

    • xaar-ku-adime. goormaad waligaa xaq ku adintay. waar tag xaarayohow. adiga iyo asalkaad ka dhalatay toona xaq ma taqaanaane.


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