Somalila: FGS Cabinet approves Disable Policy


ssssdddddddddddMogadishu, 8th October 2015—- The weekly scheduled Cabinet meeting held today was chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E. Mohamed Omar Arteh. The Cabinet deliberated several important issues. Among it was the Policy which will render rights to the Disabled people, and a plan geared towards the development of the tourism industry.

Top on the agenda was the discussion of the introduction of new Disability Policy. This was presented and illustrated by the Minister of Labour Abdiweli Ibrahim Mudey. He stressed the planning and preparation of this policy consumed a lengthy period, and involved consulting with experts and pilot projects.

“The intention and primary objective of this policy is to safeguard the rights of the Disabled people, and their care. This is a task in which the ministry has taken a personal responsibility in its planning and preparation” said Minister Mudey.

The Cabinet Meeting unanimously approved the implementation of the Disability Rights Policy. In light of this the Deputy Prime Minister stressed to the Ministry of Labor to ensure the fulfillment of this policy and likewise to ensure that the Disabled receive their rights, and are not left behind because of their handicap.

“We should render the same opportunity to those who are disabled in parallel with those who are not when it comes to recruiting workers both in the private and the public entities” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

In the same Cabinet meeting the Minister for Information and Tourism, Mohamed Abdi Hayir, presented the his ministry’s plan in promoting and developing the Tourism Industry in line with general development of the nation’s economical ability.


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