Somalia:What is Cancer & what are the underlining causes of Breast Cancer


CancerWhat is Cancer?

The body is made up of trillions of living cells, cells are the building blocks and the starting point of all living organisms, they are the basic structural unit for all organisms, they hold the biological equipment needed to keep all living organisms alive and working optimally. Cells make up tissues, tissues are group of biological cells that perform similar functions.

So here is where everything starts, a normal cell grows, divides to make new cells, and dies in an orderly fashion, this goes on as long as an organism is alive.

In conventional medicine, medical doctors and other healthcare professionals describe cancer as beginning in the cells, those cells develop in an abnormal way mutate and grow uncontrollably, these cells do not die as they should. As this abnormal behavior occurs those cells become excess mass of tissues described as a tumors, tumors are either found to be benign which means non-cancerous or malignant which means cancerous. Malignant tumors unlike benign tumors invade and destroy surrounding tissues and near by organs. Eventually this process continues and those cancer cells break off to other parts of the body by entering the blood vessels or the lymphatic system to form new tumors, the spread of cancer from its original site is called Metastasis.


From a holistic approach what causes  cancer?


– It is an illness that starts psychologically

– Emotional experience – a conflict, family problem, shock,

– Stressful lifestyle

– Physical causes – unhealthy diet forming an acidic body  (the lack of nutrients to support the body to naturally self-heal as Allah designed to so).


Dr. Hamer from the German New Medicine, established that “every disease is caused by a conflict shock that catches an individual completely off guard”.

Dr. Hamer discovered that there is a link between the psyche, the brain and the organ in the body that cancer effects. Each cancer is controlled from a specific area in the brain linked to a very specific conflict/problem.

For example, glandular breast cancer, according to Dr. Hamer’s findings, is the result of either a “mother-child” or a “partner worry” conflict. These types of conflict always impact the “old brain” in the area that controls the milk-producing glands. A female can suffer a mother-child worry conflict when her offspring is suddenly injured or seriously ill. During the conflict-active stress phase, the breast gland cells continually multiply, forming a tumor. The biological purpose of the cell proliferation is to be able to provide more milk for the suffering offspring and thus speed up healing. Every female human and mammal is born with this age-old biological response program. Dr. Hamer’s many case studies show that women, even when not breast feeding, developed a tumor in the breast glands from obsessively worrying about the well-being of a loved one (a child who is in trouble, a parent who is ill, or a dear friend who is a cause for concern).


  “Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned” – Mark Twain. 


So we understand what cancer is, how it is formed and what according to holistic and scientific methods is the underlining causes of breast cancer. In our next article we will be dealing with how to heal and prevent breast cancer.


Warm regards,


Nadia Hassan Suleiman

Health Researcher &

Natural Health Advocate


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