Somalia:Wagosha brief the US officials on the atrocities and discrimination policies being used by warlord Ahmed Madobe


W A G O S H A     M O V E M E N T   O F   S O M A L I A

P R E S S   R E L E A S E        

Washington, D.C.  09/10/2015: The politicians of Gosha community from Jubba regions, Wagosha Movement of Somalia have met US officials at the Senate and the State Department. The politicians briefed the US officials about the atrocities and discrimination policies being used by warlord Ahmed Madobe and his clan group in Kismaayo and in the rest of Jubba regions.IMG_9693Jaree Wayne

These politicians and supporters of Wagosha were led by the leader of Wagosha Movement of Somalia, Eng Yarow Sharif Adan. They submitted documents supporting their cause to the US State Department and the Senate. The atrocities in Kismaayo include looting, discrimination, killings and others by Ahmed Madobe’s group against other clans living in Jubba regions.

IMG_9709Jaree WayneEng Yarow  and the other politicians have described the wrong policies and misleading of Ahmed Madobe, adding that such attitudes will never satisfy the peace-loving communities in Jubba regions.

The US government officials have welcomed the in-depth briefing by the Wagosha politicians on Jubba regions situations, and urged them to continue their efforts of trying to help establishing an all-inclusive political system that accommodates and respects the rights of all Somali people.

The Wagosha politicians, youth and women have earlier staged peaceful demonstrations against atrocities in Jubba regions in-front of State Department and Senate Offices in Washington D.C.

IMG_9693Jaree WayneLast month, the Wagosha community held similar demonstrations at UN headquarters in New York, demanding from the international community and the Federal Government of Somalia to put more pressure on the interim regional administrations to conduct justice and ensure fair involvement of Bantu people in all administrations in the country.

The Bantu people constitute about 45% of Somali people, and they live in nine regions in the country.

Wagosha News Desk

Washington D.C.




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