Somalia:The Prime Minister tables Electoral Process to the Federal Parliament


PM3Mogadishu, April 30, 2016-The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia H.E. Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke today table the Electoral Process for 2016 to the Legislative Council of the Federal Government of Somalia for endorsement.

PM Sharmarke in speech to the House specified the details of the tabled Electoral Process, and further explained to the Parliament that this was reached by the Government in direct consultation and cooperation with existing Regional Federal Governments, and requested the Members of the Parliament to endorse the process in order to fulfill the Electoral Process in its required time.PM

“ I appeal to the Parliament , considering the current state of the country and due the short time remaining in view to the work that need to be done – to endorse the tabled Electoral Process which has been achieved through common accord and consensus amid the Federal Government and the Regional Governments of Somalia” said the Prime Minister.PM1

After the speech of the Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Parliament H.E. Mohamed Sheikh Osman ‘Jawari’ asked the Parliamentarians to read the paper of the Electoral Process for 2016 presented by the Prime Minister, and reconvene on Monday for discussion and endorsement.



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