Somalia:Somali Bantu Appealing for Justice

Members of the Somali Bantu demonstrating last week
Members of the Somali Bantu demonstrating last week
Members of the Somali Bantu demonstrating last week
Members of the Somali Bantu demonstrating last week


Today we are protesting against the genocide, execution, rape, brutality, hatred, property looting, humiliation, racial discrimination, forced labour, violence, lack of justice, terrorizing, torture and displacement that Somali Bantus experience on daily bases by the all levels of Somali authorities such as the Federal, the Regional Admistrations and local governments.

Ethnically, Somali society consist of various ethnic groups, such as Somali-Bantus, who are farmers and culturally associated with other Africans and the Cushitic’s, who are pastoral or nomadic and culturally associated with Arabs.

Since Somalia became independent in 1960, the country has been under the control of Cushitic Pastoral. The Cushitic continuously discriminates against the ethnic Bantus, and declines all aspects of their rights; including sharing power, resources, political participation, and equal opportunity of education. The reason Somali Bantu experienced such adversities, is because of the fact that they are ethnically different than the rest of the Cushitic’s.

In 1969, when the Cushitic members of the army led by General Siad Barre took power of the entire country, the Bantu’s situation deteriorated dramatically. More than 45% of Bantu’s inherited fertile farming land, got misappropriate by the regime. The Regime confiscated the fertile farming land by convincing Bantu land owners that the land was going to be used to produce massive amounts of sugar cane and rice for the public interest.

Unfortunately this was not the fact; instead the confiscated farming land and all productions and resources were used for personal gains of the relatives, friends, in laws, and interest groups of Siad Bare, and his ruling family members. Furthermore, a massive number of Somali Cushitic refugees from Ogaden Region and displaced Cushitic People from Central Region of Somalia were resettled on to Jubba’s fertile farming land which was and still is the epicentre of the Somali Bantu’s farming land and the Regime’s intention was to empower the Cushitic nomads to over-take Bantu’s fertile farming land.

In 1991, when the Civil war began, the Somali Bantus refused to participate it because Somali Bantu are peace loving and urban civilized society. Also, the civil-war was between Cushitic tribes due to power, natural resources and the ownership of the fertile farming land in Jubba and Shebelle Regions owned by an armed Somali Bantus. Consequently, the civil-war caused a mass genocide, rape and displacement of the Somali Bantu people inflicted by the strongly armed tribal militias.

From February 1991 to December 1992, more than 70,000 people including children, women and elders got murdered or died for decease and starvation. Many others were displaced around the country, or fled to neighbouring countries. This genocide was intentionally planned by tribal militias led by war-lords who robbed all the property including food, clothing and livestock from the Somali-Bantus and at the same time blocked International Humanitarian Relief Agencies to have access or distribute Rations and other live supporting supplies.

The Newly established Federal Government and Regional Administration Institutions are based on tribalism and marginalization of ethnic Bantu who resides nine (9) regions out of eighteen (18) regions of Somalia. Somali-Bantu, are 35% of Somali population, although precisely Somali Census under estimates it. Despite of Somalil-Bantu’s population in Somalia but Parliament power-sharing and government allocated Somali-Bantu less than 3%, which is proportionally injustice and unfair

The Federal Constitution states that every state could establish its local Administrations, and Somali Bantu in Jubba Region is very likely estimated to be more than 60% and now they are prevented from participating Jubba Region. The newly formed Jubbaland Administration allocated less than one percent (1%) parliamentary power sharing. The Jubba Region Administration parliamentarian distribution’s quota proves the presence of oppression, violence, discrimination etc against Somali Bantu ethnicity in Jubba Region and the International Community has been ignoring in the 30 years outcry of the Somali Bantu

Jubbaland Administration led by Ahmed Madoba and his militia violates human rights against an armed Somali-Bantu residing Jubbaland. Somali-Bantu’s prominent leaders who stood up to condemn the unfair parliamentary quota allocated for Somali-Bantu and refused to accept the humiliation and unfairness quota of Ahmed Madobe’s recently formed administration are being targeted, detained and executed in order to scare and silence the Somali Bantu activists.

On April 30th, 2015 in the city of Kismayo, a Somali Bantu political activists and educator named Ibrahim Muqtar known as Oreen and his wife Rukia’s home was raided in the middle of the night, murdered the wife and abducted the activist, taken him to a nearby shore and slaughtered him by Rascamboni Brigades led by Ahmed Madoobe. The activist’s body was found in the following morning at the shore while his hands were still tight up and scars of torture on his body was visible and they sliced his throat by a rough knife

As Somali Bantu-American concerned citizens, we cannot standby and just watch the ongoing outrageous genocide, barbaric rape, execution, property looting, displacement and ever existing unfair treatment against unarmed Somali-Bantu Members in Jubba Region, Somalia. We would like to ask for the International Community particularly UN, USA, IGAD, ARAB League and all human rights agencies to be aware of the above stated concerns and listen and work with our traditional leaders, political activists, elders and make the oppressors accountable to their evil acts based on hatred, tribalism and humiliation of 4.5 power sharing system

We appeal to all countries whom belief law and order, justice and fairness, coexistence communities and transparency governance to work with our people in order to ensure that current authorities fulfill their promises of equal treatment to their citizens particularly Somali Bantu and eradicate tribalism, Favouritism, nepotism and etc.

We are asking for Human rights organizations not to overlook our humble appeal but consider it seriously and cooperate with our people who are the real victims of the Somali Civil war and help our leaders to stop violence against Somali Bantu because ‘INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A TRHEAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE’.

S O M A L I   B A N T U   L E A D I N G     C O U N C I L

New York 28th September 2015




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