Somalia:Operation Atalanta Flagship ITS Carabiniere Provides Food and Medical Aid to Fishermen



November 10, 2015

On Wednesday 4 November 2015, Operation Atalanta’s flagship, ITS Carabiniere, provided food, water and medical assistance to local fishermen off the Somali Coast.

The Italian warship visited several vessels to build on the relationships with local fisherman and explain why EU Naval Force warships are in the area.

During the visit to one of the fishing vessels, ITS Carabiniere’s crew was able to provide medical assistance to a seafarer who had injured his arm.

Following the successful visits, ITS Carabiniere continued with her counter-piracy patrols.

Since the start of Operation Atalanta in 2008, EU Naval Force warships have met with and assisted many local seafarers and helped to strengthen mutual understanding.


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