Somalia:Local EU statement calling on Somali Federal Institutions to unlock the 2016 electoral process

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May 20, 2016
Local EU statement
Calling on Somali Federal Institutions to unlock the 2016 electoral process
The EU Heads of Mission in Somalia issue the following statement
Over the past days, International partners have constructively engaged with the Federal leadership,
the National Leadership Forum (NLF) and the ad hoc Parliamentary Committee in their efforts to
enable and legalise the electoral process in 2016. All expressed their commitment to the swift
endorsement of the necessary electoral bill, and to fulfil their previous commitments to endorse the
National Leadership Forum’s unanimous agreement on the 2016 electoral process model.
We strongly regret that this matter has not been resolved prior to the United Nations Security
Council visit of 19 May. An important opportunity was missed and so we call, once more, upon all
Somali political actors to demonstrate their unequivocal determination to respect their
constitutional duty and commitment towards the 2016 elections and for Parliament to fulfil its
responsibilities. Failure to do so will jeopardise the Somali political process and set Somalia several
years back.
The EU and its Member States have been by the side of the Somali people and have invested
considerably in the post-transition process. Despite the challenges, important progress has been
registered. However, unless immediate action is taken, this progress is at risk of being reversed and
we will be compelled to review our engagement and support to the Federal Institutions and call for
an emergency international meeting on Somalia



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