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Published On: Sun, Mar 3rd, 2013

Somalia: Prime Minister Shirdon seeks Immunity for Mohamed Ali Samatar

McLEAN, Va. — Somalia’s newly recognized government is asking the State Department to grant immunity to a former prime minister who was found responsible in a U.S.court for human-rights abuses.

The letter issued this week by the Federal Republic of Somalia’s prime minister, Abdi Farah Shirdon, seeks immunity for Mohamed Ali Samantar, who now lives in Fairfax but was a top official in dictator Siad Barre’s regime in the 1980s and early 1990s.
Last year, a federal judge in Alexandria awarded seven Somali victims a $21 million judgment against Samantar for orchestrating a campaign of torture and killings against members of the Isaaq clan. Samantar fought the case for years, arguing that U.S. courts had no right to pass judgment on internal Somali affairs. On the eve of trial, he declared bankruptcy and entered a default judgment while continuing to pursue his immunity claim in an appeals court. While he accepted legal liability for the killings, he denied wrongdoing.

At the time, Samantar was denied immunity in large part because there was no functioning government to claim immunity on his behalf. After Barre’s regime collapsed in 1991 the country lacked a true central government for more than 20 years. But in January, the U.S. formally recognized the new Somali government.

Samantar’s attorney, Joseph Peter Drennan, said he expects the U.S. to honor Somalia’s request and the case to be dismissed. The 4th U.S. Circuit of Appeals rejected an appeal filed by Samantar last year, but Drennan said Friday he will file papers with the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday to have the case tossed out.

“We fully expect the U.S. will honor this request for immunity,” Drennan said. “To do otherwise would represent an affront to the government of Somalia.”

State Department press officers did not return several calls seeking comment Friday.

The fact that the Somali prime minister, who was himself an official in the Barre regime, requested the immunity so soon after receiving U.S. recognition reflects the importance of the case to the Somali government, Drennan said. He said the new government is seeking to move beyond the old score-settling of clan-based grievances, and lawsuits like the one brought in Virginia by members of the Isaaq clan “represent a threat to efforts to promote peace and reconciliation.”

Kathy Jackson, a lawyer for the San Francisco-based Center for Justice and Accountability, said Somalia’s immunity request for Samantar is disappointing.

“In his meeting with Secretary of State Clinton in January, (Somali) President (Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud) made a commitment to restore faith in governance and the rule of law. Embracing impunity for war criminals is a disappointing beginning,” she said in a statement.

The Somali prime minister’s request for immunity for Samantar goes to the State Department. If the State Department decides to honor it, it would be up to a court to dismiss the case.

In rejecting Samantar’s immunity claim last year, the appeals court said the executive branch’s recommendation is a big factor in determining immunity, but not the only one. It also said abuses such as torture and extrajudicial killings, like those Samantar was accused of, may never be eligible for protection.

The case against Samantar was initially filed in 2004 and has already been heard once by the U.S. Supreme Court. Initially the district court judge granted immunity to Samantar but the Supreme Court reinstated the case.

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  1. Ayanle The Patriot says:

    If they prosecute samatar you should get everybody in here. Riyale and silanyo too since they were all top official in somalia Intelligence services !

  2. Truth10 says:

    Let's not play the hypocrisy card people. If they (separatists) want Samatar to be prosecuted, then let's prosecute the many living separatists who were also top officials in the military regime. There are tons of separatists top former intelligence officers who tortured and killed many of their own. Why are the separatists not speaking out against them? Let's cut the BS, or hold your silence you separatists.

  3. Khadar says:

    Thank you very much Prime Minister Shirdon, this is a great present to us who have been all along be saying there is NO way we can rejoin these Evil, corrupt Bast**ds. A leopard never changes its spots.

    Its funny because you'd thing they would be spending their energy on healing, reconciliation, helping the people in the worlds biggest refugee camp etc..

    I would love to hear what the pro-union folks have to say about this.

  4. Gaade says:

    If this is true it proves this guy is hopeless. In Somaliland this would be seen as nothing short of a declaration of war!

    • guy12 says:

      chicken war? kkkkkkkk i dont think Somalia gov will have sleeplessness about a war with a one clan

      • hamza says:


        Chicken war! ..I don't think your uncle Siad Barre would share your opinion. He was sent packing to Nigeria and it is rumoured subsequently he was sexually abused by the then Nigerian president General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida GCFR PSC.

        • reer marqaan says:

          hamsa you are laangaab it was southerners that sent backing barre. you are still crying genocide laangaab

          • Hirisi says:

            Hey drunk are insulting isaq and hawiays. Hawiyes did nothing to Somaliland during that period.
            It was your tribe Marahan who destroyed eveything.

  5. Bersi says:

    First, this is not true and baseless arthicle.
    Second, ALi Samater is s criminal and Obama's administration cannot give immunity to a war criminal.
    Third, Mogdashio adminstration tries to seek Immunity for Ali Samater, the consequence will be great.

  6. Musa A.Egal, Seatle says:

    what about the other war criminals such as Morgan, the butcher of Hargeisa who is still free?

    • Hanad says:

      Morgan is neither dead or nor alive. A fugative living with animals in the Jungles between Somalial and Kenya.

      • wanlaweyn says:

        morgan is in Nairobi in the most expensive hotel in Kenya he was also in the opening of the jubbaland conference in Kismayo ,Somalia last week. running after a man like samatar who got in ti his PM position because he come from marginalized clan shows what a disgusting lot they are. Morgan and Maslax are in Nairobi go take them to court i would be happy not embarrassing poor man from small clan.

        • Buuxiye says:

          Do you expect revenge attacks against those criminals?

          Those who attack them will then become criminals. These men represent a past political system that caused the total loss of faith in any form of political reconciliation between the 2-states that united in 1960.

          The real unionists understand this and can see for themselves that there is no genuine intention to create a reunion and that DELAYING Somaliland's rightful Recognition is merely political sabotage. This was the final nail on the coffin of a lost Midninmo Dream and your own people have been killing it since 1960.

          Perhaps this is a sign that Road-map federal government have surrendered their claim of representing the Somali-Republic territory and have accepted their Villa-Amisom territory outside of which they have ZERO influence.

          • Irir Samaale says:

            The Israelis did it they hunted those nazis down all the way to South-America.

            Also one more thing why are people like you always quick to ignore the reasonable question of how Riyale the head of NSS in Berbera at the height of the Isaaq massacres was let to become Somalilands president for two whole terms ?

            That said why this Government choose this delicate time even baffles the like of me.

        • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

          YOU are 100% correct, I dare the separatists to go after the big guns and also start with riyaale and silanyo if they are genuine seeking for justice and not trouble an elderly statesman like Gen Samatar

          • ComeAgain says:

            big guns? wasn't there a youtube video of morgans men and himself on the run while the SNM was running them down. Man be happy that we were just content in freeing out nation, if we really wanted to morgan would be dead and we would have his beard displayed in a museum of horrors.

    • abdi says:

      He is next

  7. hornid says:

    Faqash always stay Faqash and protect by all mean their brother Faqash. Hope sellout and traitors Fozia FM is so happy to serve this faqash PM. Shame on them and ready to defend my country Somaliland all times from Pirates,terrorist,faqash,walanweyn,moryan and Bantu stay away zoomalian!

  8. Sahra says:

    This is not about gen Ali Samanter.this is all about the word lords that they want tomorrow to be given pardon' And if you think Shirdoon did it without the blessing of the head man than you need to ask god to remake you. another thing they know this is a civil judgment and all federal court of U.S.A. has declined to overturned the verdict,And United State government has no say in it and Supreme court already decided that matter. So what's behind all this, only one thing, those criminals that has committed atrocity and rapes and looted that the world community is seeking to be brought to the Hague and the cases that's bending not to forward. Therefore their think is how do we effectively stop the the processes before it starts' and give them a chance to get away Scot free. So this has more to do what took place the rest of Somalia last twenty one years than Mr. Samanter.

    • Dhugtame says:

      I fully agree with Sahra, go inaabti , these cowards can not bail one another after killing innocent civilians. They will all be hunted down after the other and eventually rot in hell after they pass away.

    • Hoodo says:

      Dear first time I agree with you. It makes sense that they are trying to cover for their fellow criminals who looted and destroyed the somali nation in the first place.

      Remember this same so called prime minister served the afweynes administration simple due to his kinship to afweyne and thus he managed to enrich himself with the xoolihi umaada somaliyeed.

      Thats how he became rich we all know that and hence he too is a criminals.

  9. Sahra says:

    ** go

  10. hamza says:


    Chicken war! ..I don't think your uncle Siad Barre would share your opinion. He was sent packing to Nigeria and it is rumoured subsequently he was sexually abused by the then Nigerian president General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida GCFR PSC.

    • jamac says:

      Actually Mr barre was reported to have been molested by the head of the presidential house hold in Abuja, it is said that he cried like a little girl when the man entred his d!ck in his @ss.

  11. Gaade says:


    You don't make something that is not your problem your problem. This guy was convicted in a court, be it a civil court in outside Somalia. This would have been a one less problem for the Somalia government and obviously this is not just the PM but this would affect the president as well, provided it's true. By definition, the Somalia government is not interested in reconciliation. I'm interested to hear about the views of those from Somaliland who are in Somalia government.

    This may be a ploy to stop the talks between Somalia and Somaliland. Who knows?

    • Sahra says:


      From bottom of my heart this is a disgusting move.You don't inflame people you're trying to bring back . but I have my suspicions why they did it.. Another thing I can tell you right now all his cabinet know the period.

  12. gobanimo says:

    wrong doers will pay in this life or the hearafter long live sland and may your haters and wrong doers perish

  13. Buuxiye says:

    Somalia- Roadmap-Federal Government is irresponsible and inconsiderate to the victims of Ali Samatar. The Victims have already received justice in a foreign country. Ali Samatar is an old man and he is not even expected to pay a single $1 in compensation and his victims have already accepted that. Road-Map Federal government's involvement is unnecessary and uncalled for as it's plea is an insult in addition to the injuries of the victims.

    Hassan Mahamoud has greater challenges ahead of him then worrying about an Old Man who is living a comfortable life.

    – Send Amisom home.
    – Collect the 1.27million Somalia Federation refugees across Africa.
    – Provide services for the 1.5million Idps in Muuqdishu.

    Priority Priority Priority… Another drought is headed for Horn of Africa and nothing is being done to prevent another catastrophe… While Villa-Amisom serves 5-Meals a day and everyone has become obese.

    • Allemagan says:

      I totally agree with Buuxiye in this one. The government of Somalia has it's plate full and should not concern itself with war criminals and fugitives at this moment of time. We can all address the issue of war criminals when we have our house in order, provide security to our citizens, secure our borders with our own armed forces (not AMISOM forces) and solve all other pressing issues of Somali people. This is the wrong move in the wrong time.

  14. kaboon says:

    Kaboon and his bounty hunters are already hunting the scum culprits of the darood attempt to wipe out the great issaq race. We as followers of the Great kaboon should always strive to maintain the greatness of our race and exterminate those who appose.

  15. Hirisi says:

    The TFG is a joke government the laugh stock government of all Africa. It can't protect it's Capital city Mogadishu from sick minded bombers blowing up hotels at the beach front everyday or in anywhere in the african union occupied city what a joke. They have the power to ask for pardon. That can't protect their ctiizens from evil spirtied people, what makes you think they will offer protection to a war criminal.

    • Hirisi says:

      laughing stock

    • Hirisi says:

      Ali Samatar is a war criminal and he did those innocent people during 88-91 war in Somaliland is unforgiveable and that monster did not have sympathy even now. He did not regret what he did 25 or 30 years in Somaliland that's what he said on VOA a year today. Giving this immunity is like the judge releasing a serial killer or a drug dealer into the streets.

    • Truth10 says:

      It is FG made, not TFG anymore, unless you still live in the past. And the bomb blast you are talking about, are the failure of the owners of those resorts to secure or bring in a credible security.

      If Samatar is a criminal, then surely the many separatists former top intelligence officers who tortured and killed many of their own, should also be in court. And also the many separatists Military commanders who participated in the fight against them (north-west Somalia militia) at that time. Start with suing your own kinds, before you you cross to the other side to seek justice.

      • Truth10 says:


        • Hirsi says:

          What the hell are you talking about your pissed off because i said your government is a joke and your lying about it Uncle Sammy will be punished he is a murder. You can't sue Somaliland or my kind, Somaliland is the victim here and we are after your tribe marahan and MJ. Your next,

  16. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    Gen. Samatar is among Somali heroes and should be left alone. How many murderers and criminal warlords are around today and nobody talks about them? What a double standard!!

    • Moamar Hussein says:

      Hey Sadee
      Samatar is a criminal. All those criminals and murderers in Prison or standing trial. You are a talking about a criminal like your self a petty criminal. You sick Son of a b####.

      • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

        There are many Somalis who committed war crimes and no one is suing them, this is classic Somali hypocrisy. Gen. Samatar is not war criminal and as PM he has to defend those who wants to destroy Somali unity which sacrosanct for all loyal Somalis. Let us be honest, former President of so-called Somali-land was NSS officer and has been known as torturer of many so-called Isaq clan.

        • Hirisi says:

          Listen You Marahan shi# you think you can come here and insult Somaliland on this somaliland owned website why don't you get your faqash germs out of this website and your mother and father were goons of siad barre. Riyaale was a NSS sergeant in the late 80's in your uncle's government may he rot in hell. Riayaale did not torture or cause any harm to any body those are lies.
          May Siad barre rot in hell.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Typical khat junkies talking about dead people but the fact remains that Riyaale was NSS chief responsible for northern Somalia so he was more responsible than Gen. Samatar cuz and he was the one who was administering the orders from above so if you guys are gonna cry about imaginary genocide sue Riyale and Siilanyo first.

          • Hirsi says:

            Go to hell the genicide was real and your uncles were involved and i am not a drug junkie. Like you and you are an alcholic and why don`t you just drink your vodka what ever alcholol you darods like

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:


          • nuur says:


            In your word "Riyaale did not torture or cause any harm", what a belony, he was incharge prison.

          • Hirisi says:

            Shut the hell up jackass. I don't care if you have eat belony. You are the son of the goons of Siad barre and May Siad burn in hell and that goes for you too.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Yes sir

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Crazy !!dor

        • Hirisi says:

          We will never join your joke government never. Somaliland is here to stay.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            We will see about that as soon as the arms embargo is lifted expect the Somali National Army on your door steps with Abram tanks and jets. We may even offer you guys a new jet so that you parade it in middle of hargeysa.

          • Hirisi says:

            Do you mean the african donated tanks and jets which are old and the arms embargo they were saying that since the 90s when your uncle destroyed your government.
            We have our peace and make sure the guy seating next you isn`t wired with any dangerous elements.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            The Ethiopian stooges are really funny you guys are going nowhere as deputy PM Ms Fowsia Somalia is one period.

          • Hirisi says:

            You ugandan bastar// are funny too. By the wy Fowsia is a traitor.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Lol cry me a river khat junkie

          • Hiriisi says:

            Justin Timberlake my favorite song

          • Hiisi says:

            Your are a transgender.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:


          • Hirisi says:

            Alcoholic you are not a Muslim Sade.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Lol if a give a sh!!t u !!dor crackhead

          • Hirisi says:

            So you are not muslim. Alchohlic why don't you just drink your vodka and get drunk. How dare you insult Islam.

          • Hirii says:

            You are a transwoman.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Lol salute me soldier I am the general where ma !!dor wife

          • Hirisi says:

            are you gay

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            You gay tooo n!GGA British reject as your meat packing dad

          • Hrisi says:

            So you are gay and you are handicap Somaii's weren't slaves. I am happy yes and i am not gay. How is your garabage man father.

          • Hisi says:

            Your just another faqash wife young lady.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            Warya respect Somali women you piece of slime

          • Hirsi says:

            What the hell are you talking sicko you say that you will sleep wth men and women what are you talking about and you are crazy dd insult somali. Go eat garabage You are not a gentlemen. Wasqa you are a dirty basta///.
            Your finished.

          • Hirisi says:

            General of craziness. Don't you mean idor husband.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            How many name do you have my n!gg@ ???

          • Hiris says:

            Somalis were not slaves dummy and they did not come from the cotton field. OMG you live In maine damn you are the Somali bantus no wonder you keep using the n word. How many names do you have boy.

          • Hirsi says:

            Tell me your life story and why you act like an asshole.

          • Muna says:

            Warya you are not a gentleman and why are you calling another somali man gay in Mogadishu they will take your life away. How dare you act like a gentleman and call a person gay. He did not make fun of Somali women.

          • Hirsi says:

            You are not muslim. You are a golka how was your service today. Let me know if you are interested in Islam.

          • kfc says:

            This is merely about politics dont bring Islam into this.The only people who are against Islam is Separatists who Call for "decomcracy" while telling others to respect Islam.


            by saying that he is non muslim,you are commiting a sin because
            1)You dont know the guy personally
            2)You are judging a person.

          • PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

            Hirsi you lost the plot Sade Xtraordinaire killed you and go and drink your white uncle piss.

          • Hirsi says:

            Shut the hell up Kentucky fried chicken you should burn in hell for insulting islam. Democracy is halal Golka Stop defending your boyfriend you homo

          • Hirsi says:

            Your are on my list youare a done

          • kfc says:

            since when did i insult islam?what a delussional guy.

          • Hirsi says:

            Your dead How dare you call me delusional you insult my relgion

          • Hirisi says:

            Burn in Hell you dhubantne gaylord

  17. Somalilander says:

    Who is the double standard here there are criminals and murderers and warlords.
    He is the worst of them of all and they are standing trial in the States. OH yeah what about your uncle morgan who is living in a luxury hotel in Nairobi and that man was a butcher and he is out on the street enjoying fre.edom

    • Sahra says:

      He should not enjoy freedom Morgan but that goes for riyaal. I'm surprised the people who went after ismaaciil ahmed ismaaciil all they got in Canada. Specially his habar yonis community will give riyaal who we all know what he used to do for the regime and choice to look the other way but trust me he's wanted from the south. It's the north prerogative if they choice to forgive him.

      • Khadar says:

        LOL- nobody is stopping you from pursuing Riyaale or anyone else. In fact I hear he has a home in France, take him to the French courts. The criminals hiding in the west can be prosecuted because of the fair open legal system, this is not the case in backward corrupt African countries.

        I like these kind of topics because the mask of Somalinimo falls of the faces of the Hypocrites. And it strength our resolve, to have absolutely nothing to do with these Animals.

        • Sahra says:

          she's was taking welfare and getting money outside that is the reason her case was open and then we heard she was deported and Mr ismaaciil his cousin open a case on him, he just happen to leave before the case progress in Canada and disappeared for while, And that's the longing serving member of Mohamed siyad bare regime he was head man for all the jails of Somalia he left the day mohamed siyad bare left hamar. riyaal is the man who put so many man in jail. Because the nature his department was to gather information around the country that could harm the regime and used to arrested average citizens. And do you know thousands man died in jail or were executed the information he gave to the regime,Sir it's not undisputed who the man is. I'm firm believer he will get what he deserves and all the other criminal. btw What do you mean the mask of Somalinimo falls. Where did you see me ever defending war criminals. I would appreciate if you reply. Oh I forget one thing I'm talking about the middle of the 90's We were not there 80's.

          • Sahra says:

            ** longest

          • Hirisi says:

            Just because you came to canada in 1999 doesn't make you a veteren. There were somali's in Canada during the 80's.Mostly arriving the years between 1987-1993. It doesn't matter by that as it may your people were the ones who kicked her and her children out of Canada. It was the early 1990's when this case happened. We don't go after Siad barres family in ohio who are in welfare and that goes for abdullahi yusufs family in Hamilton who are also taking welfare. You guys are like Pakistans and Indians , arabs who are anti immigrants. We are all immigrants and i have been living here for 30 years.

          • Sahra says:

            I came1993 in Canada and what in the earth are you talking about been veteran or not. I was just Stating to you we as a family were not there in the 80's. And btw the woman case we heard from the community. the rest others family you going about it. I was in Columbus All I heard was they own some businesses there. the other family I don't know nothing about them. Therefore you saying were anti immigrants is nonsense you basing all that clan.Since I was a child all help I got came from my family no clan help. so my mind doesn't register that way. And the conversation was about war criminal and I could care less about the family's, And even if the individual was working for Mohamed siyad bare regime and job has to do with ministers finance and something to that effect. T Hat's not effecting matter of death and life' i won't be so harsh.

          • Hirisi says:

            You didn't have to take personally drama here i was just stating the facts. You are writing nonsense and actng arrogrant and saying that i came here in 1993 and i was the first somali in canada for your information i came to Canada in 1983 via Baltimore were i stayed there for 5 years. There were somalis before in Canada and the usa whether you like or not.
            We as Isaqs and Hawiayes were against the idea your clan had to deport a woman and children back to somali. There is a former Pakistani governer in Brampton he takes welfare and why isn't he being deported. Siad barres goons are in Toronto why can't they be deported. I respect you Sahra but i don't respect your tribe.

          • Sahra says:

            There you go again talking about whole clan and malignant them.Let me tell you some thing every clan has good people and bad people in it. btw Where did I act arrogant with you didn't you say to me. you came to Canada 1999 that doesn't make you veteran.Which I reply to you what are you talking about, I was stating to you the time you mention we were not there,the second thing is the personal drama. if it means saying to you we're not against immigrants we our self are one. And you only basing that clan and I find that to be nonsense than I don't know what else to say to you. Last but not least I don't talk about clan and I can prove it how many times my comments had in it clans names.why because how little it was helped to us as a family but doesn't mean we don't wish our people to do well. So respect is earn not given and my advice to you is. you should base on that case by case.

          • hirisi says:

            We all you are a man pretending to be a girl and acting why don't tell your cousin Sade about manners and attacking tribes. I would i have respected for a lady but anymore you are not a woman you are a man pretending to be woman.

          • Sahra says:

            No, I'm a woman not a man.that i can assure you hirisi. what's going on because I"m laughing while I"am writing walaahi caseem. you're in an attack mood and I'm trying to refrain myself of doing anything like that. Because it's kind of productive.So why don't I STOP CONVERSING AND WISH YOU BEST OF LUCK AND HOPE YOU WILL DO THE SAME OK.

          • Hrisi says:

            Look who is talking you are the one who is out of control.

          • Hirsi says:

            Are you stll pissed at me for telling the truth. I am laughing while you are cying

          • Hirisi says:

            Sahra i did not mean to offend you but you are not the first somali to come to Canada.
            There siad barres goons in Toronto and Missisauaga, There was no case of deportion for those thugs what they dd in Somaliland. Darod tribe is pathetic why are they after women and children and they are afraid of men and the real monsters.

      • Hirisi says:

        Where are in Canada in the late 80's and early 90's yes or no. If you were why did your people were obsessed about deporting aided' s wife and children from Canada. Riyaale is not a war criminal maybe he was in the wrong side of the fence, but he did not commit any torture whatsoever. Ismail is a not war criminal. Abdullahi Yusufs family lives in Hamilton. Siad barres family lives in Ohio and they are living there peacefully because we are civilized we don't go after women and children like your tribe. You haven't lived in canada for while and you don't know anything about the community and i have been living here in Canada since 83.

  18. Dahir says:

    Why didn't go after Gen, Morgan who is also enjoying in a Nairobi hotel? I personally do not think its bad to go after the former generals and warlords. If Gen Aideed was alive and enjoy in Minnesota for sure i would not let him laugh and drink tea at Karmel Mall. The man is wanted for war crimes. He ordered the killing of innocent Daarood famalies, but again i am sure the Habar Gidiris at Karmell Mall would come to his defense since according to them he was a hero. Let the Isaaqs go after those whom they think or have a proof that comitted war crimes, other tribes will follow suit.

  19. Hirisi says:

    Dahir Darod listen here Aided was not a war criminal, he was hero and a legend in Somalia.
    We all know that your tribe were the ones who got aided`s wife and children deported from Canada in the early 1990s. You people dòn`t have any shame.

  20. tellmetruth says:

    You know what i use think going after the war criminals was a good idea. Until realised this would happen. So people don't ask for war criminals and unless your ready to hand over yours (this is for everybody not any specif clan).

  21. osman Qaal says:

    Why is the Mr. Shirdon eagerly seeking immunity for a man who ordered aerial bombardment to kill tons of thousands of Innocent civilians? Simply, Because Mr. Shirdon, himself was a part of the regime that committed a genocide..

    I don't think he gives a rat's as# about Mr. Samatar and the merit of his legal circumstances.. The new PM is using Samatar's case as a stepping stone to cover up for his own criminal records…..What he doesn't know is though, the case that awaits him as the dust settles..

  22. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    Stop your conspirancy theories you !!dor crazy person, Gen Samatar is a hero for clearing the country of traitors. ..!!!

    • Hirii says:

      What did you say punk so you have no sympathy what happened in Somaliland in killing and you are bragging about kiling people. You are a sick human being. There is proof that Somaliland should not unite with Somalia. Oh yeah the crimina court of justice in the hague has put you Sade nasra on their list for being the dumbest war criminal. You are one sick SOB

    • osman Qaal says:

      Sade Xtraordinaire,
      Contrary to your childish comments, I don't believe in conspiracy theories. Mr. Samatar's is an ailing person so I'm not going to spend more time on him, in fact, the crimes against him have already been proven in court. It's totally pointless for Somalia's weak government to rub salt into an open wound.

  23. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    Let us be honest, former President of so-called Somali-land was NSS officer and has been known as torturer of many so-called Isaq clan, I knew many people who were members of Isaq clan who did bad deeds in Mudug region early 80's, Gen. Samatar is targeted by cowards who are afriad those who really did the human rights violation because they are from larger clans than Gen. Samatar, shame on Somali racism and tribalism, let us be honest and go after all the criminals.The idea of one tribe can have Republic is dead, let us be honest and stop the nonsense and be happy for being members of North-west province of Somalia.

    • Hirisi says:

      You were there during those times and having commiting those crimes your self and covering it up.

    • Jamal says:

      This is a very much shameless comment a person with cabbage brain can talk or can write this type of comment. General Samater said that l am the one who has ordered the killing and funny enough you still supporting him for his criminal act. You should understand mass people dead without any reason this is a big shame on you people who supporting this filthy general and it is disgusting and you sade your are one of the blood suckers shame on you.

  24. ComeAgain says:

    Wow, ok well thank you new Somalia government for showing your spots to Landers and the World in general. Thank you for making the case for Somaliland even easier now.

    Instead of building bridges burned by siy ad and years of abuse you go and burn what good will we had for you. Instead of building good will between people and laying the ground work for trust and brotherhood and maybe just maybe one nation in the distant future you do this?

    Nice! Thanks for showing all Landers and the World what we have been fighting for isn't over yet. Just the like Voting Rights Act in America, hatred is still there and in Somalia the old si yad cronies are still running the ship as usual.

  25. ComeAgain says:

    I don't care if samatar is sick or what, how many sick people in hargeisa do you think his order took out? How many old and sick do you think were burnt alive by the orders he gave? How many do you think died after the Somali forces rained machine gun and artillery fire on those escaping the city?

    I would shoot him even if he was sick in honor of those people who he had no sympathy for.

    Why is it that no one asks for any sympathy for those that died but some old shriveled up war criminal who cared for no one when he was well and strong but asks for sympathy when he is weak?

    • Truth10 says:

      If you are for justice so much, why don't you shoot the many separatists high ranking officials, who were in charge of the many torturing and executions in north-west Somalia? You separatists are disgusting. Riyale and Silanyo who were all top intelligence officers, who tortured and killed many of your own, became President of you.

      • Hirisi says:

        What's wrong with you why don't do take your sick mind else and that goes for your boyfriend. Dhuhblantes are gay.

        • Truth10 says:

          Honestly, what is with you and the word ''gay''? Why do you love using it so much? Act like a man if you are, and stop talking like a biiiiitch! Unless you are.

          • Hriis says:

            Honestly you shouldn't be entering in other people business that. You are the biiitch speaking of bittches who is your mother

          • Truth10 says:

            You just insulted your own MOM mate, because whatever you say about someones mom will always go back to yours. Of course retard imbecile like you aren't aware of that, because of lack of human intelligence. Go and join the cows, that's where you belong. That will be my last reply to you, since you are beyond retard to even reply to.

          • Hirsi says:

            You are hypcrite you just insulted girl that could be your sister you called you sister a retard,

  26. Irir Samaale says:

    Tension growing to dangerous levels between Puntland and Galmudug.

    Puntlands looking to execute to 2 individuals which it says are Shabaab which Galmudug disagrees with

    Is this another tactic by Faroole to divert away from his unpopularity in the region or true ? either way its looking very bleak for both regions if Puntland goes through with it.

    • tellmetruth says:

      Does this make you happy Irir, At least secessionist are truthful about how they hate Big D, but why are you on the low, your undercover hater-ness has been noted.

      • Tellmetruth says:

        Be open with your true thoughts.

      • Irir Samaale says:


        Believe it or not i don't do hate hate in my books stand for those that are jealous and envious of others that said i don't dislike Daroods neither i just despise some of their leader that got that mentality of either i rule or no one does.

        Back to the subject bro if Puntland goes ahead with this case whether the individuals are Shabaab or not could have huge consequences on the already fragile relationship of these 2 neighbors with neither coming out the winner but instead actually the Shabaab will

        • PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

          The abgal elders are the root cause of Al shabaab extremist in somalia. Puntland has a duty to protect its citizens from Al shabab members and will continue to do. Any al shabaab terrorists who threatens the people of Puntland regardless of their tribal background will be brought to justice and killed.

          Ps I am still sticking to me guns that the abgal elders must be rooted out from mogadishu

          • Hirisi says:

            Red foxx comedy this is the best up stand up comedy that i am seeing on this website puntland loser. The main cause of alshahab is Marahan and majeternan it was your uncle Abdullahi Yusuf's brain child. Puntland created alshabab and they murdered the prominent shiekh and point fingers at other people.

          • Irir Samaale says:


            You're starting to sound like Buuxiye (no disrespect Buuxiye lol) if you haven't got anything constructive to say stay quit.

            PS don't expect me to stoop to your pea brain level neither go seek help preferably a psychiatric in your case.

    • Sahra says:

      Sir this mans are alshabaab ok and they must be killed like the ones in bosaaso .

      • nuur says:

        Sahra, agree with you.

        These two men are AL-SHABAB,and Puntland goverment will not hesitate to take them down.

        I don't think Galmudug moryaanos could much Puntland fire power. usually moryanos they have habit of kidnapping ppl, hijack cars, useless assassination innocent ppl. the whole Galmudug is one suburb.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      I see you have problem with D block bro stop the nonesese or will label your galmudug state terrorists sympathisers cuz its your people who are committing the assassinations in puntland

      • yonis says:

        LOOK at how all these darood f*ckers support kiling innocent people. If they go ahead with this stupid act then i promise you daroods , you will be wishing your mother was giving head to General aydiid cuz we the people of galmudug will leave no stone upturned.

        Daroods seem to be getting too brave

    • cumar says:

      f@cking daroods need to leave galmudug alone, i hope our president mr hassan deals with these daroods like the great general caydiid did.

  27. PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

    Mohamed Ali Samantar was a great somali leader, one of the the brian master of the Ogaden war and will always be remembered the somali warrior who penetrated the habesha defence line as far as Addis Ababa.

    I salute you Mohamed Ali Samantar

    I salute you Mohammed Said Hersi Morgan

    I salute you Mohamed Siad Barre

    I wish I was born in late 60s so me name would mentioned along with these great leaders but I can still achieve me dreams because I believe there is a looming war between the separatists aka the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) holed up in the city of Hargeisa and the great Somali Nation Army.

    I wanna be the first driver who enters Hargeisa in a military tank

    I wanna be the first who lowers the Ethiopian flag from Hargeisa and raises the Somali flag.

    I wanna be the first who sings the Somali national anthem to the SNM traitors so loud their ears will literally bleed.

    And… I wanna be the first who gives death certificates to the SNM traitors, their families, relatives and their followers.

    The followers below me have be sentenced to death
    osman Qaal
    mohammed cheers

    for offences such as
    *reviving a colonial white trash village
    *dividing the Somali Republic into sub-clans based society
    *collaborating with the Enemy (Ethiopian)

  28. wanlaweyn says:

    this is a sign of the emergence of Somalia government. the minority clans like Samatar's and the gibil cads and the banaadiris has always been protected by the state while the major clans protected their people like Morgan and Maslah and riyaale and silanyo are being protected by their clans for their crimes.
    Somali gov will never allow the vulnerables to be marginalized. i know shirdon will do everything to protect the Samar who got that position because he was from marginalized small clan.

  29. Jamal says:

    This is a true picture of the Federal Govt of Somalia supporting the previous regime who had committed genocide in Somaliland. this shows that they have no respect at all for our People who had been killed by the previous regime and this has shown us there are the same people in different image. and they still want to talk with us with their Bogus unity. We say we do not need you and we do not belong to you. This The Bogus General will never get immunity because he had committed Genocide and he had accepted to have ordered the killing of the Somalilanders and the justice has prevail and why your supporting the general who has been found Guilty What a Shame the Govt of Somalia.

  30. Abdi1234 says:

    This is well expected from a drug dealer like Shirdoon.

  31. Sahra says:

    Mr Samanter was a murdered simple fact.And this myth that he did a great job in ogadenyo war is nonsense,because the was war about how to weaken his strong army that's was one the best in African at that time. Mr barre felt threatened his on army. So he manufactured and convinced the population as well as the army we should go on war against Ethiopia. Which we did and we defeated them badly and they were willing to make all kind of compromised and ready to give up 70% of our land but that wasn't his agenda. When the leaders of former allies Soviet onion try to sell the proposal to Mr barre he choice to say no and was leaving every three hours the meeting to tell them I'm going talk to my advisers. Do you know what he was doing taking naps.And then they found out, that's when they put together so many country army's and went after us and we were crushed and on the processes we lost huad for good. and if you want to check go on you tube and Fidel Castro tapes. Mr Samanter is also on tapes talking to Mr bare and telling him sir let me do my job. meaning let me bomb.Let just say this was a bad move and leave that way.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      Great thinking inaader its high time to crush the remaining stooges once and for all.

      • Wasaaye says:

        F u who u calling inadeer,? you ignorant Mareexaan B'stard

        • PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

          wasaaye you half breed iidooor wander you will be reunited with your white english master.

          • kaboon says:

            Dirty darood sub human scum. You daroods need to be punished for what you did to somalis. Your women need to be sold to Jamaican men $500 each since they love Jamaican d!ck so much. Your young boys need to be sold to joseph Kony for $200 for sexual services to the great Lords resistance army. As for your usless men, they should be made to beg in the streets of hargaisa and mogadisho.

            A darood is nothing more then a filthy dog who should be either trained or shot.

    • Hanah says:

      Shut up keep crying baby

    • Hirsi says:

      You would be a war criminal by age 15, You would be a fugitve by age 22 and by age 44 you would standing in trial in hague. Puntland geezer you are not old stop using your elders to be respected.

    • kaboon says:

      sahra when are you traveling to Kingston

    • Gee says:

      Sahra walaal stop this nonsense, General Semater was decent disciplined army General who will be remembered for what he has done for the nation, he has done nothing, he killed no one you know the who murdered the drank SNM gangs who fought a kind of rat tactics war from their mothers homes.

  32. PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

    @Sade Xtraordinaire

    I'm over the moon the long-standing arms embargo on Somalia is finally being lifted for one thing, time has eventually caught up with the Ethiopian stooge (SNM), they are f@@king pissing in their pants.

    we should not be be talking with the SNM let alone share a f@@king table, they are traitors and the penalty for treason is f@@ked DEATH.

    To contain the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) we need various types of weapons like

    *anti Tanks
    *machine gun
    *Heavy machine guns
    *sniper rifles
    *war vehicles and my all time favourite aircraft machine guns.

    I always imagine me flying aircraft machine in Hargeisa ever since I was a kid.

    Let us bring the wild goose iidoooors in Hargeisa under our control

  33. Hirsi says:

    Puntland Geezer why don' t you just get your butt up and stop destroying your self. Why do you have to make fun of your self and why did make a hit list that you want to kill Us Somalilanders. Do You want a war then you got it. Why don't you go drink the white mans urine and go sleep in the junkyard where you live Fred Sanford. You always reminded me of Red foxx always complaining. This is a Somaliland website have some respect that is so typical of darod insulting people even in their own backyard.

  34. Matar says:

    KFC and Sade and Puntland geezer have been raped and theyare going to be dead.

  35. Hirisi says:

    KFC you dhulbante are ungrateful magots insulting Somaliland and befriending Somaliland and being the enemy of Somaliland. Why don't you stay out of somalland and join your cousins the darods who hate Somaliland. Don't ever say that Somalilander again because you turned on us.

    • kfc says:

      LOL am i the one who is occupying hageisa? am i the one who is shedding the blood of innocent people?am i the one who is Claiming land in the name of a separatist regime?What have you done for dhulbahantes that they should unite with isaaqs in the Somlailand project?why should we join you when you are treating us as second class citizens?The only dhulbahante magots are xaglatosiye and his followers.

      • Hirsi says:

        You darods are touchy and your dhublant men are women. Kentucky fried chicken you are dead.

      • Hirisi says:

        No way we are not uniting with your magots dhulhbunta tribe, you are sidng with the other darods and you and tribe don't belong in Somaland because they are backstabbers. Your the slaves of marahan and majertern.

      • Hirisi says:

        Kentucky fried chicken tell your mother that. Your lesbian mother knows everything.

      • Hirisi says:

        You just dug your own grave

        • PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

          Hirisi I agree duulbaahaante men are crossdresers they come to us majerteen with all their troubles and cry on our shoulders.

          • Sahra says:

            finally you have exposed yourself. What a trash leave the whole region name you sick animal.

          • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

            PIS whats up with you bro thats is inagumednimo you can't insult your fellow brothers, dhulbahante are the greatest of all daroods they single handly clipped the Ethiopian stooges wings, respect sahib we daroods are the leaders of somalia we have to project higher level of thknking.

          • Hirsi says:

            Your dead enjoy your funeral

    • Truth10 says:

      Hirisi, what is wrong with you mate? Are you normal in the head? You honestly remind me of a guy (I think is you) who claimed to be an old man, and then a young man from America. I think Sahra knows what I'm talking about (the irrational guy who kept arguing with me with no purpose).

      About Dhulbahante's, mate you should salute them for saving you from your colonial masters that you use to bow down to. It is the Darwish and Awdal who fought for that region, against the colonials. Separatists like you, use to bow down to them. If anything, it is you (separatists) who turned the back on Awdal and Darwish, in the fight against the colonials. And even in the 60's, when north-west Somalia wanted to join with their brothers in the south, it was you (separatists who were against it. Thanks to Awdal and Darwish, you didn't get your way, and it seems like history is repeating itself again, since it is them again who are against the secession. I guarantee you, you will cry even harder this time, because you (separatists) will not get your way.

      • Hirisi says:

        Are you gay why are upset about me insulting your boyfriend. go screw your self.
        Tell that to your lesbian mother Where is your mother my bit%% stay out of it.

        • Truth10 says:

          LOL, I swear you are sick in the head. Look at your language, you retard imbecile. You are dumber than an animal. Come with a good debatable argument, or stop exposing your retard imbecile brain.

        • hirsi says:

          Hey man show some respect you are a pain in the ass and you are mentally unstable May GOD have mercy on your soul. How dare you use a disease as an insult you Jackass. Stop acting like a jackass maybe you are a jackass. Your the one who is insane because your keeping poping up like a little devi that you are. Jackass

  36. ABDI2 says:

    Do these people have any decency at all. An immunity for a Murderer and War Criminal, THIS JUST SHOWS THAT THE CONCEPT OF "JUSTICE" IS FOREIGN TO THESE PEOPLE…..AND THEY WANT UNITY WITH PEOPLE OF SOMALILAND….A JOKE

  37. M. Khalid says:

    The so-called federal government of Mogadishu is seeking immunity for the second man in rank in Siyad Bare's military machine whose job to kill the Somali people. Though Ali Samater was a professional military man, he was a week man whose inferior complexity sometimes drove him to fulfull any criminal order given to him by the man he feared most in Mogashidu. Therefore it is not surprising that he confess to BBC Radio that he ordered the cleansing of the Isaaq tribes from over the earth. In international law, this action corresponds to genocide and it is a crime to be judged in the international court.

  38. kaboon says:

    Dirty darood sub human scum. You daroods need to be punished for what you did to somalis. Your women need to be sold to Jamaican men $500 each since they love Jamaican d!ck so much. Your young boys need to be sold to joseph Kony for $200 for sexual services to the great Lords resistance army. As for your usless men, they should be made to beg in the streets of hargaisa and mogadisho.

    A darood is nothing more then a filthy dog who should be either trained or shot.

    • tr tr says:

      kaboooooooooooooon, crazzzy single mother stop chewing mirre, your out of control……………..

      • Hirisi says:

        You are a hypricate calling and saying it's bad to make fun of your mother. and you are calling people single mothers and they will say worse comments to you.

  39. PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:


    Do I want war? Hell yea I want war and destruction. I have declared an all out war on the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) when I was at college back in City of Westminster College in london I was only sixteen than.

    I ripped apart me white trash British passport outside the British consulate in Addis Ababa back in 2007 then I crossed into Hargeisa because I wanna start a guerrilla war (hit-and-run tactics) against the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) who have barricaded themselves inside morgan's bathroom.

    I have infiltrated the Hargeisa locals and the clan elders. My wife of three years has no clue of who I am, she thinks I am doctor LMAO. I duped her when we were dating out, I told her that I was a doctor from England hehe. The fact is I am the son of faqash lieutenant and my wife is a scrap goat to accomplish my mission which is:

    *unsettle the Ethiopian stooge (SNM)
    *ignite a clan war between Isaaq & Gadaabuursi.
    *stop Hargeisa from functioning.

    You want war? You've got it!!!!

    • Hirisi says:

      Well men in a landcrusiers are coming for you and they will kill you.

    • Hirisi says:

      Well a arrest warrent has been issued and the police will coming to your shack in no time.

      • PuntlandGeezer (PIS) says:

        your white english master said no recognition for your white trash village.

        • Hiisi says:

          Was your white master or arab master boy go bow to him. Are you color blind the people in Somaliland are black not like you a white man pretending to be somali.

        • Hrisi says:

          Did anybody tell that you are pain in the ass and that you are going to be eliminated by those men in landcrusiers tonight, enjoy the last moments of being alive.

  40. Hirisi says:

    Sade you queer how was your job molesting boys today.

  41. Hirisi says:

    Like i said darod men are women and they are so emotional was sade acting like a pissy i attacked his tribe. Well calm your perverted self down. Cock sucker.

  42. Mohamed says:

    Sade watch what your saying you will be blocked next time if you use profanity. This is your last chance.

    • Truth10 says:

      Mate, if you can call a man that was the head of the intelligence service in north-west Somalia, who tortured and killed many of your own, your President, then surely he can call Samatar whatever he believes he was. Playing the hypocrisy card, will not serve you at all, it will only show the true colors of you separatists.

  43. Hirisi says:

    Darod men are women they don't have balls.

  44. Hirsi says:

    You darods are emotional and liars. Stop reading your fairytales about your tribe saving us they destroyed our country.

    • Truth10 says:

      It is the Darwish and Awdal who fought for that region, against the colonials. Separatists like you, use to bow down to them. If anything, it is you (separatists) who turned the back on Awdal and Darwish, in the fight against the colonials. And even in the 60's, when north-west Somalia wanted to join with their brothers in the south, it was you (separatists who were against it. Thanks to Awdal and Darwish, you didn't get your way, and it seems like history is repeating itself again, since it is them again who are against the secession. I guarantee you, you will cry even harder this time, because you (separatists) will not get your.

      • Muna says:

        Jeez what's wrong with you shaydon you have to be emotional. Listen take your nonsense to garoowe online you brat.

        • Truth10 says:

          Walaalo, I'm not from Puntland. And if you had any sense of analyzing who is being emotional, you would have said it to the individual you just defended. Pleas, do come with a good argument next time, instead of just showing how retard you can get.

          • Mustafa says:

            You are pleading and calling a woman retareded you are not a man. You transgender how dare you insult a woman. Why did insult my sister what's wrong with you are crazy you are dead and i am going to hunt you down like you are.

          • Truth10 says:

            If you had any respect for women, you would have insulted that guy ''Hirisi", who called a mom a biiitch. Go away you hypocrites separatists.

          • Hirisi says:

            Is woman a ho for your you.

          • Truth10 says:

            What are you talking about? You the one who called a mom a biiitch, you imbecile. Go and join the cows, that's where you belong.

          • hirsi says:

            you are a dirty pig

          • Truth10 says:

            I'm glad your hypocrisy is out in the open. Shame on you for supporting a guy who insults MOM's. I guess you have no respect for your own MOM

          • Hirsi says:

            Hey asshole how dare you bring my mother in this and i respect my mother you dirty pig why don't you take your mother and blew each other to bitz.

          • Hirisi says:

            I didn't insult mothers i insulted yours. is your mother of all somalis.

          • Truth10 says:

            LOL@ your retard comment. Thanks for exposing yourself though, by admitting. You see, if you insult any mom, you shows how low you think of moms, and shows also how low you think of your own mom. So far I haven't insulted your mom, because I value my mom, unlike you, you imbecile.

          • Hirsi says:

            Is retard your favorite geez. Moron marahan i value my mom unlike you how treat your mom like crap.

          • Truth10 says:

            You insulted my mom while I haven't insulted yours. Which shows you don't respect your mom at all, you imbecile

          • Hirsi says:

            Yes You did you liar

          • Truth10 says:

            Then why don't you quote it? You can't can you? Typical retard liar you are

          • Hirsi says:

            Is Retard your favorite you asshole you are paranoid you keep typing insults since last night. You cursed my mom

          • hirsi says:

            is retard your favorite word

          • Omar says:

            What are you stupid you shouldn't be insulting women and you are calling women retaraded. shame on you. Learn some manners waraya.

          • Truth10 says:

            If you had any respect for women, you would have insulted that guy ''Hirisi", who called a mom a biiitch. Go away you hypocrites separatists

          • hirsi says:

            Shut up you marahan bastarrrd

          • Truth10 says:

            I see you changed your name from Hirisi to hirsi. I'm still waiting for those hypocrite guys (Mustafa and Omar) to condemn your outrageous insult on a MOM, you cow.

          • Hirisi says:

            You are not truth you are lie detector and i am out of here now see long mootther fuuucckers and you truth or lie detector or sade are a pig. you should not be insulting women these can kill you if you insult a woman i swear or you will marry her.

          • Truth10 says:

            Go and learn how to respect your own MOM you imbecile. You call a mom a biiitch, and you dare to criticize me? Shut up, go and join the cows, that's where you belong.

          • Hirisi says:

            What the hell are you talking about why are you bring my mother involved n this you pig your mother is a bitttch and you are a dead man.

          • Truth10 says:

            You see, I didn't call your mom anything, unlike you. And that's not because I'm scared of you, but I respect all moms, regardless if they have a retard son like you. For you to insult my mom, shows that you yourself don't have respect for your own mom. And remember, whatever you say about someones mom, it will go back to your mom, you imbecile.

          • hirisi says:

            you are a dead

          • Ali says:

            You are worse than a midgan for not valuing a woman.

        • Truth10 says:

          Muna, I would like to apologize to you for calling you a retard which you are not. I'm sincerely sorry sis.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:


  45. ComeAgain says:

    Making up stories in comments to defend a war criminal while crying you care about union is nonsense and the site that allows you to do it is even worse. Damn I just hit 30 and nonsense like this is just hard to tolerate. There is a difference between free speech and liable. I am outty 5000 where SomalilandPress is concerned, I tried to give it a fair shot a few times, but this is the last straw, I cant in good consonance continue to support a site that constantly lets trolls flood its comments section.

    SomalilandPress I hope you are taking notice diaspora, young, progressive, English speaking Landers, just the crowd you need in here are turned off. Because we know what a well run site aka motherjones, huffingtonpost etc are like and we expected the same from a site claiming the name SomalilandPress instead its fill with those who seek to undermine Somaliland constantly flooding the comments section, also articles that are out right lies and never edited!

    In the words of Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) "Laaaters"

  46. ComeAgain says:


  47. Mukthar says:

    You two meet heads are insulting each others mothers online the both of yous don't respect your mothers.

    • Truth10 says:

      Stop lying about me mate, if anything I haven't insulted any mom, my comments are there for everyone to read, including you.
      If anything, this is what I said : ''You see, I didn't call your mom anything, unlike you. And that's not because I'm scared of you, but I respect all moms, regardless if they have a retard son like you. For you to insult my mom, shows that you yourself don't have respect for your own mom. And remember, whatever you say about someones mom, it will go back to your mom, you imbecile''.

      • Mukhtar says:

        What are you talking about psycho. I am not hirsi ok i was telling the truth because are saying things about your mothers. Why do you have to bring my mother in this you are mentally unstable.

        • Truth10 says:

          Honestly you are either a retard or you insist on leveling me to hirsi for psycho reasons. Go and read my comments, and tell me one place were I insulted any mom, whether it is hirsi ones or others. It is you who is mentally unstable, who is accusing of the better man (me) of things he never said. If you don't have the intelligence to analyze things, then hold your peace you imbecile.

          • Mukhtar says:

            Is retard your favorite word how about handicap because you are handicapped

          • Truth10 says:

            I knew you could not come up with it. Thanks for showing me and the rest how baseless and imbecile your comment was.

          • Mukhtar says:

            You are one sick indivual well good luck blowing your self up in Mogadishu.

          • Truth10 says:

            Lol, so far it is u who is sick, and for you to even call me that despite of how I embarrassed you with your baseless comment, shows how really beyond imbecile you are. Go and join the cows, that's where you belong.

          • Mukhtar says:

            You dirty pig

      • Hirisi says:

        Don't curse mothers you animal

        • Truth10 says:

          LOL, it is you who did you idiot not me. And no matter how you try to deny it, it is there for everyone to see.

          • Hirsi says:

            Well attacking mode is in swing you marahan are known for sensitivity. Everyone to see how crazy you not giving it's been 24 hours babe.

  48. neo says:

    this site needs some serious moderating, it is losing all credibility.

  49. Gee says:

    Good news that deserve a good welcome for true Somalis. General Samatar did nothing than trying to save guard Somalia from existing situation. He did his best and he should be honored for that!!
    We love G.Samatar

  50. cimraan says:

    Put aside all hate lingo here. and think about the future of your people. for the southerns if you treat Somalilander's issues and concerns there will be no end to the hate among us. Samater is a simple of an administration which destroyed a country that was one and united. He is the one by his own admission gave the ordered the mass killing of the Somaliland's population. He is the one who ordered the bombardment of Hargeisa, Burao and other Northern cities. To disregard those facts and call him a hero is a brutality that is equivalent to the horror he committed. And any one who put forward this kind of talk on public forms like this one is not a true Somali. As for the Somalia's prime minister I think he made a grave mistake by advocating such a thought. This reveals his governments true colors and animosity towards Somalilanders. This course of action will lead us to an unending bath of mayhem. This wouldn't solve anything for us if we want to heal the wounds.

    That is why I think most of the commentators in this page aren't really Somalis, but people who are motivated to keep up the animosity among us.

  51. Dhugtame says:

    Shirdon must stick with his drug dealing business, because he doesn't understand what his currently doing. There are more far more pressing issues he needs to deal with, such as the civil war that is about to take place in Kismayo than trying to overturn the confection of a man who committed crimes against humanity. He does not understand that there are separation of powers in the USA and the adminstration can not overrule the decision of a USA court. He still thinks that his dictator uncle is the President of Somalia.

  52. Irir Samaale says:

    Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed lol this site is straight bossy

  53. Layla says:

    What is wrong with S.Press? where are those people who used to delete normal comments not upsetting anyone ? while allowing these filthy swearing on for hours? Shame on you S.Press!.

    • Hirisi says:

      Be carefull Truth10 is going to call you a retard and hurt your feeling just like what he did do that girl.

      • Layla says:

        Thanks for the advice Hirsi. Once a guy called me (Naag) here at S. Press and I did not reply, because I knew he lost the healthy argument as he was trying to put me down calling me' woman'. If someone swears when people are having discussions, that person lost it and swearing is their only defence mechanism. My advice is if someone swears at you ignore it, remember :(Nin hadlay nin aamusay baa biiyey).

        • Hirsi says:

          Thank you dear sister for giving me that wonderful advice. If anyone attacks you whatsoever on this website you my back. I don't tolerate to see my fellow somali sisters to be treated crap.

        • Truth10 says:

          Layla pleas go through his comments and see how he insulted my mom, while I haven't till now insulted his. Judge yourself.

          • Layla says:

            To Hirsi and Truth10,
            Would you both please stop and end this. if you continue and each of you want to have the last word, you will not make progress.It is just square one. Let one of you end the insult, I hope you both have calm down and do something else than on each others' throat for days. It is over. About the person who said retard to me , I am far away from being retard. I am decent person on my own way. I hope you both get peace.

          • Tawfiq says:

            What about Kamal and gee they making things worse, hey are taunting hirsi so he continue the insult festival. Please talk to Kamal and Gee. I am an officer of peace and I said last night no more nonsense and Kamal and Gee are bringing back those nonsense and sister Layla my dear can you talk to them because they seem to not get the message.

          • Layla says:

            It is peace time. Hope Kamaal and gee will not break the peace treaty!

          • Truth10 says:

            Layla, from my side is over sis. You should know, it was not me who said retard to, it is Hirisi who is trying to sabotage my name. Anyway thanks for your advice.

          • Layla says:

            Thanks Truth10 and hope you find peace. it does not matter who said retard to me I have my mother's heart, can you imagine how strong some feels when they got their mother's heart, very very strong !

      • Truth10 says:

        Hirisi, unlike you, I didn't called someones mom a biiitch, which you did. So don't play the good guy card, you lying imbecile.

        • Truth10 . says:

          Layla you are a retard.

          • Tawfiq says:

            Hey boy show some respect to women you don't value women just because some sicko insulted your mother doesn't give you the right have your anger on women and insulting them. I am sorry for that moron said about your mother ok, you are like a brother and your mother is like my mother, and i don't like it when mothers are insulted and you will what will happen to Hirsi. Little brother respect women they weaker than us and they do deserve encourgement. Please i don't mean this as an insult.

          • Hirsi says:

            You will see what will happen to hirsi

          • Tawfiq Hirsi says:

            You will see what will happen to hirsi.

          • Truth10 says:

            Tawfiiq That is not my comment mate, the last comment of insulting Layla. It is Hirsi or Hirisi using my name.

          • Tawfiq says:

            That's your name isn't it. where you the one who called muna a retard last night yes or no, then i can believe you if that Hirsi man is using your name to set you up.

          • Truth10 says:

            Unforotunately I did yes, which I regret. But that comment up there, Quote: ''Layla you are a retard'', is not mine.

        • Hirsi says:

          You are a evil you are not letting it go. Burn in Hell.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      Lool chill out people the whole cussing was started by that imbecile hirisi whatever his name is.

  54. Mogadishu message says:

    it of very important for prime minister shirdon to protect the beautiful legacy of honorable King and all-time leader,president of Somalia Mohamed Siad Barre. Samatar is the legacy of the Kings rule and united States must know if they have any influence in the strategic country of Somalia they must drop all charges against our former Prime Minister. this is for Important for the Somalia GOV and US will lose out to Turkey of Somalia resources like oil if they do not drop this baseless clan motivated charges.

  55. Mogadishu message says:

    if united states wants deal with Somali clan grievances in their courts they will be in for a rude awakening.

    it will set a precedent that they will not be able to deal with. there are one million Somalis in Minnesota

    alone if there is a case against Samatar it should be dealt with Somalis in Somalia.

  56. Faduma says:

    Somaliland press you outta be a ashamed of your selves for letting insults continue for hours which has nothing to do with the topics, This is website is out of control and i am disgusted by seeing dirty lanagues on a forum that suppose have mature instead have a bunch of 5 year olds insulting each other.

  57. Tawfiq says:

    Ok Truth10 I believe you we are all humans are and we make mistakes. Sade bro take it easy whatever hirsi he will be judged on the day of judgement. Sade and truth10 we are all brothers and we have it stick together until the end. No should respond to hirsi or else we would go mad, let that devil yell or curse whatever he wants, if we continue screaming at each other we will be at his level. boys are you in or out.

    • Sade Xtraordinaire says:

      Ok brother Tawfiq you are right we all Somalis and can you tell hirsi to stop posting under my name people will think am writing all those bad stuff.

      • Tawfiq says:

        You got it Sade, Hirsi hey man you have leave this people alone man, what did they do you to you to deserve this torture and to make their lives into living for the last days, just tell my brother and I am good listener. Why are using the boy's names and insulting mothers and tribes. We are Somalis we should be treating each other like this and brother hirsi, let me tell you something what you are doing is called cyber bullying and you could go to prison for breaking internet law and you could be an accessory if anything God forbidden happens to anyone bro. Brother to Brother let's a peace offer and for you to stop your rampage.

        • Truth10 says:

          Tawfiq I hope you can see now how sick and unstable Hirsi mind is. He even uses my name and Sade in attempt to sabotage our names. On top of that, you saw yourself how he doesn't have any respect for mothers, which makes me think how he actually treats his own one, if he is insulting others one like that. This Hirisi guy doesn't deserve the respect of any human let alone a Somali.

          • Tawfiq says:

            Brother truth it's over and hirsi will not do anything to you or sade because you are my brothers.
            We made a peace agreement last night remember. Hirsi will have what's coming to him.

    • Truth10 says:


  58. Sade Xtraordinaire says:

    Naaa amuus Layla where my anjera @

  59. Hirsi says:

    ok I will stop this rampage bro tawafiq.

  60. Tawfiq says:

    This problem Gentlemen is over OK. Problem resolved.

  61. Sade Xtraordinaire says:


  62. Gee says:

    G. Samatar
    He made Somalia to have the best army in Africa.He lidrated millions from dictators like mingiste, he made Somalia to sacrifice for peace and democracy in the Horn of Africa. Without his support Eritrea could not obtain its independence, without his support to TPLF Ethiopia would not have been a federal State where people of different culture and religions and enjoy freedom now a days in the history. He is a brave sun of horn of Africa who made a difference in its political land escape. He cannot be accused by few tribal tugs.

  63. qaran says:

    Full of crezies.

  64. Hargaisaawi says:

    The writing is on the wall for this govt. The officail letter sent to the US govt portrays Samatar as national hero and belittles the thousands killed. The movement is under way to force these Scavengers from Somaliland who are in somalia govt to leave their posts. Inside and outside somaliland, people will make life difficult for them. This govt should be left for these southreners.

  65. Gee says:


    What about those killed, raped, looted by the SNM in the North? Were they flies? what about those skinned alive recently? Were they goats killed for the commemoration of your ancestors or Sh. Idor? Stop the none. Somali proverb tell: An elephants see flies on the other elephant, but not the one on its body.

  66. Kamaal says:

    Hirsi has no respect for mothers, if he insult a Somali mother, he do the same for his own! true

    • Hirsi says:

      Waraya kamal it's over you nomadic. Homo

    • Elmi says:

      You don't have respect for your own mother kamal.

    • Truth10 says:

      Totally agree with you Kamaal. You should also be aware of the fact that Hirsi is capable of using your name in attempt to sabotage you. He done that to me with Layla.

    • Hrsi says:

      Well you swear at yours all the time and you have no respect for your you transgender. how was your gender change operation. kamaal. You don't value women they are all retards to you aren't and what about where is my breakfast woman. You have no shame. You two face Homo

      • Gee says:


        There are kinds of this which a Somali gentle man cannot say, take for the example the word gay are always rejected except few people who have the habit of doing. Let me tell you a story happened near Hararid village of Northern Somaliland in late fifties. An Isa camel herder was told by his friend who visited Dibouti that men are used like a women. He could not believe and he requested his friend to give him more explanations and finally he was convinced. Later he took out his dagger an teared by belly from the front to the back bone then he died. His final word I was I don't have a moral to leave in a world where men are used a wife.
        Hirsi while I am very disturbed by the this word which you are frequently using in your communications , I am very suspicious about you!!

  67. Hargaisaawi says:


    Are we rewriting history now? I t has never been the policy of the SNM to kill any civilian except those in the army who were fighting and when the fighting stopped, the SNM scorted all the military officers out of Somaliland and into where they came from. People in Somaliland have not killed people of revenge and that is why the people in Somaliland enjoyed peace. I know some of you like to create new history but the evidence speak for themselves.

    Don't worry dude, the chicken is coming home to roast. Watch the space.

  68. Tawfiq says:

    Hey what's the matter with you two the problem was resolved last night and you two putting fire on gas.
    You guys want hirisi to come back. Sade and Truth10 are real man we talked about and it's over. You two are women, and you kamal don't respect your mother and you don't respect Somali because three innocent girls were insulted and you are not a man. You are a midgan.

  69. Elmi says:

    Camel you don't respect your mother, and you don't respect women because you are happy that 3 women were retards and you are ok with Somali to be called retards. Hirsi what he said about mother was definitely out of line and that was a bad move, what about the people who are calling girls retards.
    Camel Kamal Learn to respect your women and your sisters. You don't respect your mother because the brought the problem on your self. That women give birth to you and you don't respect her.

  70. Tawfiq says:

    Hirsi, Gee, Kamal please brother end this nonsense. Kamal you have to you are sorry for you just did hirsi, and you have to apologize to Kamal for calling him a nomad and a homo. Gee don't call a Somali man miss. We are all brothers not enemies. We Somali have to stick to together now. Somalis are divided now because there always insults, insecurity, fighting. This nonsense is over and I will not tolerate if I see any say any insults or anything about respect for mothers or respect for women. Let's just talk about the immunity of Samatar. Boys are you with me.

  71. Zaynab says:

    I am confused are we talking about Samatar or Hirsi.

  72. Hrisi says:

    The problem is still on, look what you did kamal. I am back It's Hirsi.
    Kamal and Truth10 why don't you two just get married.

  73. Kamaal says:

    You are right hirsi is evil. I don't like peace and I am against peace what that tawfiq wrote I don' care he doesn't care about mothers. I don't want Somalia to be peaceful.

  74. Kamaal says:

    Naaa amuus Layla where is my breakfast woman.

  75. Tawfiq says:

    We all know started this mess again today. it's Kamaal the problem was resolved yesterday and that gentlemen messed everything up. No one would be insulting on other if it wasn't for I hate peace Kamaal.
    I hope your happy, because of you the insults will never end. Nabad diid.

  76. Gee says:


    We are talking history of what happened during the the civil wars in NE Somalia and that why few people want to held G. Samatar accountable for human right violations which nonesence. I know SNM which was a clan faction that was made by foreign enemies of Somalia for the cause of present situation in the country. I know them, i met their fighter even Mr. Silanyo himself as persons. The crime which they did against Muslim Somalis can be only judged by Allah SW to be honest. We are not people who exchange comments on the cyber, we are together and know each other very well. Don't tell me that these guys had a indiscipline and clear objective than killing destroying, revenge, raping and extreme hate to their mother country and its people.

    • Jamal says:

      What history that your talking you rightly that this Vampire the Blood Sucker Bloody General Samater he ordered a Genocide to our beloved people many perished because of him and this the so-called federal Govt is trying to shield him and to cover his sins that he had accepted by himself and funny enough you call him a hero what a joke? and on the other hand you need to talk to us about being togetherness of Greater Somalia whom are you trying to play around were not a child please stay back and go alone with your so-called funny Federal Govt and your selected Tribal Parliamentarian and let The Republic Of Somaliland alone.

    • Mursadai says:

      What's the matter cat got your tongue.

  77. Moe says:

    Gee get a life you loser. You are a double standard. You are calling men miss and saying gay is bad. Your one to talk.

    • Gee says:

      Moe first of insult is not good, shoul'd not insult people . On the other hand I admit my mistake, I should not have said that!

      • Moe says:

        Geez, I meant Gee
        You have to respect people and let it go, Hirsi said he was sorry just drop it. You shouldn't be causing trouble and bring up problems that was solved by Tawfiq. I guess you got me there with insult yes, but you are the one who wants to create again. Just drop it. Shaydon iska nar.

      • Musa says:

        Don't be a hypricate you were doing that yesterday ring bell, don't play the good guy card, it is not polite to insult and backbite just like what you were doing. don't be a double standard it is rude to insult you are the insulting and backbiteing and trying create a problem, so please think before you do.
        This Is topic Is over.

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