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Published On: Mon, Jul 2nd, 2012

SOMALIA: Police deputy-chief gunned down in Puntland

LAS ANOD — The deputy police Commissioner of Puntland, a semi-autonomous region in northern Somalia, was gunned down in the city of Garowe, an official said.

Col. Abdullahi Salah Nadalo, was inside the premises of a local hotel on Monday evening when unidentified individuals on foot approached him and opened fire on him.

The 54-year-old was shot multiple times with pistols according to a Puntland official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to press. He added the colonel was gunned down in the presence of several people but the assassins managed to flee by foot.

The state of Puntland is regarded as a key safe-haven for maritime piracy in the region and officials in Garowe believe the incident was a piracy-related violence.

The death of Nadalo comes just 48-hours after a district judge was shot dead in the central town of Galkayo, a town disputed by Puntland and its southern neighbour Galmudug State.

So far more than 30 officials have been killed in similar incidents across Puntland region in this year so far, half of which were tribal elders.


July 3, 2012

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  1. Abdiwahab says:

    nothing new in this thuggish pirate haven, tribal state of m*jertenia where clan apartheid and endemic crime is the norm
    hope pirateland can be dismantled asap

    • SOMAAL says:

      I'm sure the democratic Somaliland is free from clan apartheid, at least we don't lock up our tribal elders, I wonder if Boqor Buur Madow is receiving a fair trial? probably not because he's been locked since April but I guess that's Somalilands democracy at work.

  2. kaboon says:

    this is not a surprise as everyday hundreds of people get gunned down while in majids or coming out of masjids. this just shows that if you put all your energy into creating havoc in other somali regions you will not pravial.i hope the dar00d learn this.

    • Rocky says:

      It would be especially interesting to cross reference the responses with the churches they come from. What is the answer at a Brhutkeroagh Congregation versus the answer at a church with chronic difficulties (long-term weakness in things like membership growth, pledging growth, and retention of senior staff)?

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  3. PuntlandGeezer says:

    this isnt bout clan warfare, this is the hand work of al shabaab, they are well known for killing innocents while they leave the mosque, in markets or in any other public place.
    we as somalis need to unite against these wahhabi al shabaab terrorists from pakistan & afghanistan.
    we need to bring back our sufi tradition & somali culture.

    the First thing we should do is ban jilbab cuz it was brought by al shabaab terrorists from pakistan & lets not marry any somali woman who weres jilbab cuz they are widely known as extremist radical Islamists.

    • DaughterOfSomalia says:

      The Jilbab and burqa were around since prophet muhammad(pbh) his wives use to wear them, and if anything was wrong with it, he(pbh) would have opposed it. You and that sect sufism are bunch of devil worshippers. What is so good about a sect that states muslim women can run away to marry themselves of like prostitutes?, when prophet(pbh) made it clear that a marriage without wali is invalid and he repeated this three times. Subhana Allah, you do not know what you are talking. Insha Allah true Islam is coming back wether you like it or not. Any woman who is decent enough to wear the jilbab for the sake of Allah, wouldnt want to marry you, and please dont marry them, no woman whoes religion is sound would not want to marry a person who is in the wrong path, and worse yet, the path to hell.

      • Wood says:

        Olha, confesso que fiquei doidinha aqui!!!!Nunca saí do país, exceto ir a Rivera (se é que isso conta né) heheheh, mas enfim, adoreiiii, e digo mais até me empolguei de dar uma economizada e quem sabe mais além poder dar um pulinho até lá, fazer comprar, passear, e lógico quero tirar uma foto naquela “mara” gabine teoenônica!!!Adoreii!!bejifholsss

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      • Good points all around. Truly appreciated.

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      • Rocky/ Jag har bränt my fare share av bengaler pÃ¥ 1990-talet bland annat. Ibland berusad med och det var knappast speciellt genomtänkt eller smart. Idag skulle jag aldrig komma pÃ¥ tanken men sÃ¥ har det ju passerat en 7-8 Ã¥r med…

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    • mohamed cheers says:

      Whoever is behind these recent waves of killings, it would seem that terrorism is arab spring
      spillovering to Puntland after Mogadiscio. It's becoming serious contagious fiasco.

  4. Kid Carlito says:

    God have mercy on him a fellow Muslim.

  5. khaatumo citizen says:

    so called the judge of Las-nood court has been shot in the head on the daylight and no body knows who did..

  6. khaatumo citizen says:

    omg Col. Abdullahi Salah Nadalo and my dad used to be the besties back in the days. Allah yarhama and ina cali shire better bring who did this into justice or he will be next.

  7. SOMAAL says:

    Piracy related, come on this is Puntland bashing if anything, in the Somaliland media everything to do with Puntland is piracy related, what total garbage.

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