Somaliland: SL /Somalia Djibouti Agreement Lacks Substance

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud of Somalia and President Ahmed M. Mahmoud of Somaliland

DSC_0279By Mo Guled
This week agreement leaves many people doubting the current government intended goals on the talks with Somalia the need explanation of what is agreed upon or to what direction we are going or even the technical relevant details of the agreement does not make real sense the reason being the most important points of the talks were not even mentioned during the meeting or were either intentionally dropped.
Many citizens were dismayed Somaliland delegation was supposed to press for sovereignty first and talk aid later, not vice versa with people shocked to learn the issue of atrocities committed against the people of Somaliland and prospects for a tribunal which could feature in any future negotiations being dropped by the Somaliland delegation this without putting into context that Hargeisa is a graveyard. Some say there are 200,000 bodies under the ground. Others say 60,000. Nobody really knows. That’s why we have to get the record straight.
What makes matters worse is the repetition of grave plunder made by previous Somaliland delegation to Istanbul which acted as though they were representing Somalia, and the whole exercise in Turkey ended in agreement with Somalia’s contention which was the denial of the genocide/ethnic cleansing against the people of Somaliland! Somalia delegation argued that atrocities happened to Somalia as well, more so to Somaliland! Somaliland delegation accepted that ridiculous, unfair and wrong-on-the- facts argument which is unacceptable to the people of Somaliland.
The chairman of the justice and welfare party Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe speaking moments after the release of the joint statement had this to say , “ The current talks in Djibouti lack any substance whatsoever as you have seen it doesn’t address the important points of contention in any way and clearly states the failure of our foreign policy this because of lack any close consultation with the official opposition parties and the Non state Actors, who are one considered as the main pillars of the Somaliland society in order to seek guidance and advice on these sensitive negotiations with Somalia calls into question the legitimacy of the decision by the current government.
“Somaliland had a long tradition of popular public participation, negotiations and consensus building in all important national issues. In line with this tradition, the current Somaliland government has failed to establish a mechanism for popular national consultations that would allow the participation of all sectors of the Somaliland society, particularly, the Non State Actors that include Civil Society Organizations, historians, lawyers, traditional, media and religious leaders, intellectuals with relevant expertise on such matters and other sections of the society,” Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe stated.
The Chairman of UCID added, “The delegation itself comprises of several cabinet ministers and MP’s but without the representatives of the two official opposition parties hence the absence of an inclusive and broad-based national committee and also which shows the lack of national consensus on the upcoming talks with the current government going its own way and the opposition parties accusing the government of lacking a clear agenda on the talks.


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