President Silanyo’s Assault on Somaliland’s Freedom


RRU444444444444By Ali Mohamed

Lewis Center, Ohio—It is usually common in Africa for incumbent presidents to use government resources for their re-election campaigns. But Somaliland’s president, Silanyo, went too far, when he decided to use a British funded and trained anti terrorism force known as the Rapid Response Unit (RRU), intended to fight terrorism, for his 2015 re-election campaign.

Last week, a unit of the Rapid Response team, with masked faces, at 2am raided the home of former Somaliland’s deputy security minister, Abdullahi Abokar, brutalizing him, his wife and his five children ( ages 9 months  to 9 years old). Luckily, no one was killed, but one of his security guards was wounded.

According to an interview with the local TV Horn Cable, his wife, Sadia Ali, described the terror she faced on the night of the raid. She said, “The RRU used a British supplied lethal weapons intended for terrorist against my family including my 5 children.”  She added, “They knocked out the windows of the house by using grenades and the then threw tear gas and ransacked our house.” The heavily armed men fired inside the home 60 to 80 rounds of gunfire in rapid succession from their automatic weapons.

“This well armed group is reminding the Somaliland people the darkest times of the former military “Faqash” regime.” Mohamed Olhaye, a neighbor of Abokar, told to a local TV reporter.

The raid on Abokar’s home, a former government official, was a callous disregard for the safety and security of his family and neighbors. There is no way how Silanyo could justify the midnight raids of his well armed thugs, without any search warrant, terrorizing a law abiding citizen instead of fighting the actual terrorists.

And according to the local media, before the raid, Abokar used to walk freely daily on the streets of Hargeisa, Somaliland’s capital. His wife says that if the police wanted to arrest or bring him in for interrogation; they could have easily obtained an arrest from the local court. But under Silanyo, the rule of law does not exist.

Because Silanyo is not democrat and does not tolerate dissent, the midnight invasion of Abokar’s home came right after he backed the chairman of the ruling Kulmiye party, Muse Bihi—an insurgent candidate–who is challenging President Silanyo for 2015 presidential nomination.

Moreover, Abokar, in a recent press conference, alleged that some members of Silanyo’s cabinet members might have ties with terror organizations.

Because of the seriousness of his allegations, consequently, the government is fighting back with deadly force, like a criminal gang, to silence him.

More worrisome, Somaliland’s Minister of the Interior, Ali “Warran-Adde” Mohamed, (a remnant of the notorious intelligence services of the former military ‘Faqash” regime), and the police chief defended his arrest and the way the raid was carried out. Even though, neither the interior Ministry nor the Police have direct control over the anti terrorist unit. But the President himself controls the Rapid Response Unit.

However, this not the first time the anti-terrorism force has been employed in a non terrorism related scenario. In fact, throughout Somaliland the RRU teams have been used by the government to harass and arrest journalists, politicians as well as ordinary citizens who are peacefully assembled to back candidates of their choice for the upcoming elections.

For instance, last week, at the port city Berbera, the RRU and the local police arrested two elected council members and the head of the Kulmiye party in the region, because they took part a rally to show support for presidential candidate Bihi.

Moreover, in December 2012, The anti-terrorism force was called to break up a peaceful demonstration over the dispute of the results of local elections. Three people were shot to death and nine other were wounded by the live bullets of Silanyo’s well armed killers in the south side of Hargeisa.

The British government has moral responsibility to make sure the force it is training should not be used to “punish and suppress” ordinary people who are dissatisfied the bad governance and the massive corruption Silanyo is presiding over.

Since Silanyo lost authority and legitimacy to rule after he disregarded the rule of the law. Now, he resorted to threat, intimidation and violence. However, midnight raids with armed men in black uniforms, whose main mission is to “terrorize” innocent people—is not going to help for his 2015 re-election campaign. Instead it would lead into more grievances and eventually insurrection.

But how long will the Somaliland people tolerate, for the sake of keeping indigenous democracy and peace, this well armed aggressive violent group (RRU), funded by British taxpayers’ money, operating under the guise of fighting terrorism, terrorizing or killing more innocent Somalilanders?



Ali Mohamed is co-founder of the Horn of Africa Freedom Foundation. It is a grassroots organization, located in Lewis Center, Ohio that advocates for the advancement of freedom and democratic values for the indigenous people of the Horn of Africa. He can be reached



  1. What a load of crap! The people are in charge here in Somaliland otherwise they would be uprising. The RRU is to protect the nation and no different to FBI or MI6.

      • Well for those who are appeasing terrorists thinking that they are living in the western work and cannot be reached – you are dreaming guys. The author of this crap is he telling us why RRU are arresting terrorists as they happened to be his tribe. The man arrested is under terroris investigation as he appears to be having links with Alshabab so let the Goverment do it’s job.

        • Who is the terrorists here? And why change the subject to clannish and silly argument. How do you know Mr Abokor is been under terror investigation? Bring the prove, you seem to be someone who have inside scoop. Or its to silence him on the serious allegation he made against Siilanyo cabinets.

          • the writer is one of the muse support who thinks that foolish story which against the dignity of our beloved country is gonna effect silanyo re election therefore it would help muse’s but this can of story will damage muse and those supporting just he is from their tribe nothing else.
            the British and usa knows what is going on in somaliland morethan you and they don’t listen the jealousity and lies story which is baseless but propaganda against the somalialand leader.

            sheeko kale keen muse ka iibsamimayo oo askari cid rabta majirto e siyaasi umada vote kahelaya keen dalkana wax taraya igawalan qof miyir qaba silanyo karacayn muse e .

          • The topic isn’t Bixii soo leave him out of the discussion. The discussion is the way RRU have been used/deployed to terroris our citizen.

          • You and the stupids like you care for your british and usa and not us. To you and to all your likes we tell them to hell with your british and usa. Ma TB baad qabtaa, si cajiibaad u qufacaysaaye?

    • Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it…..a new boss same as old boss,Ziad Barre that is…Democracy in Africa is a fart….

    • Protect who? What is the difference between Siilanyo regime and Afweyne’s in a current context, Only the name. We sacrifice wealth and lives to gain a freedom without fear and peace without terror.

      This action contradicts with what we including the president fought for. This action by our own gov’t shouldn’t be tolarated or condone. Somalilander should condom this violation of our basic right.

      If not kii qayrkii loo xiirow soo qooysao adiguna. We will be in this vicious circle of terror. That is not our dream. Our dream is to have a vibrant nation that sets up exemplary example to the rest of the continent. Let us work on what unit us which can propelled out young npation into the right direction, development, justice and equality.

      • What’s wrong with you today Lander? where have you ever seen Siilanyo fighting for Somaliland? Just go back to history my friend. When we were sacrificing to our blood and that of our dear children, this same old bag was leading a very comfortable life in Ethiopia playing the same divisive political games for his own short sighted gains. Now that’s something of the past and we are going on now, so what’s the way forward?

    • The real crab is you indeed. Are you claiming that these poor ignorant with the devilish looks are protecting a country or something? What a shameless liar. Are putting these ugly black turtles in bar with those civilized people who are thousands of years ahead of you and your scams ruling the country now. Real Hargeisan as u r falsely claiming. very much doubt that, since you are trying to portray your small new afwayne, his ugly RRU minister af iyo san cade, Mustafaqash are real nationalists whose consciousness would not contemplate using these halve starving pro faqash ignorants, the RRU.

  2. Actually there was fire exchange, the ex official and his guards were armed to the teeth, his statement that members of Somaliland government -which until recently HE was part of- are Al-Shabab members is not only immature it is also highly damaging to our country’s reputation.

  3. What you need to understand is that scare tactics don’t elect governments into power people do, the earlier you realise this the better so you can start to focus on those issues that need to he addresses to move Somaliland forward. At the moment one particular CLAN seems to control the media in Somaliland and they feel that this is there only route into power.

    The people of Somaliland will not fall for such LAZY JOURNALISM, please report on such issues that matter. We don’t live in the west where the population have been indoctrinated by the mainstream media for centuries. Somalilanders have morals we are an Islamic society.

  4. This is guy doesn’t know anything about Somaliland he is one of those diaspora who is destroying Somaliland, let me tell you something sir this so called former deputy minister had assault weapons and it looked that he declared war on Somaliland with his weapons and first of all the arrest was quiet it first when the police said told him to come mansoor hotel the afternoon prior to the incident and he did not show up and they had an arrest warrant for him and he avoided the police and he resisted arrest and caused danger to the public and to his wife and children. Anyone who is against Somalilands peace get the f out of my country and we are not going back to square and that is for musa bihi and his bums.

  5. At last someone who is actually literate in the language they are trying to fulminate in. And yes I agree it is completely unacceptable that RRU is used to silence political opponents; idiotic ones like this Abokor included. Idiotic because he blurted out information that could harm not the Silanyo governemnt but the national interest. Those who held positions of power should never do that. So he probably deserved to be arrested and charged with something but that could have been done good old corrupt plod. why the RRU?
    Two pieces of advice bro Mohamed Ali: Please do not throw around silly charges like corruption against Silanyo. He is not. He is no great leader but he is clean as a whistle. And do not call our RRU “Silanyo’s thugs”. They are our forces. A national assett. they are being abused by the current govt(I suppose because the ordinary police is so bloody useless) but it unpatriotic to call for Britain to somehow destroy them.
    We need to think calmly and use temperate language and not be affected by our traditional rush of blood to the head.

  6. We will fight for sillanyo any were in Hargaisa burco bebara , he is the best the country ever had and we love to have him again . And this is coming from Haber Awarl .

  7. Axmed Yusuf
    Cmon Bro, dont yopu think the old man should retire? He is a good man; he is defintely not corrupt and he is actually quite competent administrator. If somaliland was a recognised, stable, middle income country like say Botswana, he will be a perfect leader. His calmness and the wisdom and the integrityy and competence is beyond reproach. But Somaliland is not a stable middle-income country. It is a country trying to get born in the teeth of international hostility with enemies hellbent on sniffing the life out of it while it is still in the womb. It needs sword wielding, fire-breathing, enemy-scaring, citizen-murdering hell-raiser of a man. Stalin, Mao, Henry the 8th, know the calibre. I will settle for Pinochet, Castro or Ho Chi Minh. Someone with a vision. Any vision and willing to take risks for it. Is this Silanyo?


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