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Published On: Wed, Jul 29th, 2015

Somaliland:Opposition party’s Conference ends with the issuance of 6 Points Resolution

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By Goth Mohamed Goth

The opposition political organizations joint national consultation conference has concluded with the issuance of six point’s resolution meant to salvage the country from the current constitutional crises.

The 6 Points Resolution :-

  1. We hope the current head of State shall as soon as possible implement the joint agreement with the two opposition political organizations on the 26th of May, 2015.
  2. If the President does not honor the agreement, it will be clear that the government does not wish to hold free and fair elections. We shall be forced to ask the international community to intervene.
  3. The two parties have decided that we they will not accept other than the previous agreement they had earlier entered with Government and the three parties agreed in the December, 2015. If the Government does not fulfill the agreement, the two parties will return to the time specified in the National Election Commission to hold elections on June, 01, 2016.
  4. We shall not at any time agree with the house of elders “Guurti” resolutions because there is no such clause in the Somaliland constitution, because there are not the conditions set out in Article 42, Section 5 of the constitution of the circumstances under which the elections to make. The house of elders “Guurti” is not entitled to abandon the commission specified time, and that the “Guurti” has no constitutional right to set election timeline.
  5. Based on end of the term of the President and the House of Representatives mandate , the Supreme Court issued a decision in ordering the immediate end to the dispute at the time of the election, we are ready to implement the court order.
  6. The participants of the conference concluded with reiterating their support peace, stability and independence of Somaliland.

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