One day meeting on the provision of legal aid in Somaliland


DSCN8851Hargeisa (28 April 2015)A one day symposium which brought together the various stakeholders to discuss the provision of legal aid in Somaliland was held today at Hotel Mansoor, Hargeisa.

The meeting which was organized by the Horizon institute which is responsible for implementing two projects capacity building project in the Somaliland judiciary sector and which by UK overseas Aid Agency (DFID) .

The meeting attracted 25 participants involved in legal aid work and the various judiciary branches in Somaliland.

Mr. Said Ahmed Mahmoud, the director of Horizon Institute in his opening speech stressed the importance of legal aid in Somaliland.

Mr. Godfrey mupanga, one of the facilitators of the one day symposium on the provision of legal aid in Somaliland elaborated on the importance of providing free legal aid to Somaliland citizens and also identifying the challenges facing the dispersing of justice in country and the need to find lasting solution.

Also speaking at the meeting was veteran lawyer Mahmoud Muse Awale gave an in-depth briefing on how to reform the provision of legal aid and at the same time lauding the university of Amoud legal clinic for the legal aid they provide.

On the other hand Mr. Abu Bakar Sheik, lawyer in Borame briefed the participants on his personal experience in providing the requirements legal aid.

The meeting concluded with participants reaching a consensus on the need to hold such meeting in the future and implementing recommendations in the whole country.



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