Obsolete Ideas of Yester-years;US Policy on N korea and Cuba


Obsolete ideas of yester-years: US policy of N Korea and Cuba
There are certain things that have baffled my mind for a long period of time. These things make me irritable if not outright angry. The issue of the North Korean people or the Cubans for that matter and the reason why the Americans take it that it is their prerogative to starve them and humiliate them for being ruled by someone who happens to be in disagreement with them and therefore because of that disagreement with the leader the people living in the said territory should be starved to death. Not only that, but the starving people should be blamed for bringing that onto themselves. It is the USA logic that if these people attempt to defend themselves that they would be classified inimical and antagonistic in their rebellious posturing to the United States. The said leader has been availed every opportune moment to rally the people on his side, using patriotic exhortation, to resist the hegemony and onslaught being carried out by the US against his people. Perhaps the US sociologists and politicians who advise that the charted approach of starving and humiliating peoples who cannot defend themselves economically and militarily is the only feasible way, are claiming higher wisdom, but my uneducated in-look into such approach is abysmal failure and outright disaster that perpetuates the conflict and prolongs the suffering of people who might otherwise have sought alternative overtures to their dilemma. The people of Cuba’s suffering has lasted since the Bay of Pigs in 1962 and its subsequent failure and the embargo made thereafter made the ordinary Cubans suffer but not the leaders for which it was meant to harm. The Koreans in the North have not attacked anybody since the 1953 truce, have not been a threat to the US and have remained steadfast in their unwavering stance against the US belligerence and incessant threats. Is it the US that is a threat to North Korea or is it vice versa? North Korea feels threatened militarily and economically and its acquisition of weapons to defend its people and sovereignty is reasonably justified. If the US threats are removed, the N Korean regime would not have the rallying call motto and would inevitably crumple in the absence of the outside threat. The N Korean leadership cannot stand a chance if let to rational scrutiny and evaluation by its own people. People who are deeply cultured, intelligent and can see the world around them (Japan, S Korea and China) prosper and advance in leaps and bounds. Similar circumstances exist in Cuba. The perpetual subjugation and coercion of the people of N Korea or Cuba has only been possible as a result of the US’s unrelenting threats and debilitating embargo. It is my sincere belief that if one lets the people live and thrive, and in the meantime the outside hegemonic threat is removed, the people would bring about change to the best of their ability and for the betterment of their wellbeing. This argument is not only for N Korea, the same goes for Cuba where the new US president is re-starting the failed policies of yester-years.

Ali Ege Duale, Toronto, 7 July, 2017


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