Obama’s Africa legacy in chaos: DC Ethiopians demo



By Staff

Thousands of Ethiopian protestors caused major traffic jam in washington DC as they held massive demonstrations against Obama’s policy in Ethiopia and Africa. The protestors condemned the human rights violations and apartheid system in Ethiopia allegedly supported by US aid and the US controlled World Bank (WB).

Organizers said Ethiopian Oromos, Tigrayan, Amara and from diverse Ethiopian ethnic groups united to voice their concern against what they said was a growing dictatorship in their homeland. The protestors also said the Ethiopian government’s divide and rule policy and “ethnic federalism” system (allegedly copied from the Italian colonial era) mirrors the apartheid system in South Africa. They chanted “freedom for political prisoners” and “end apartheid in Ethiopia” as DC police struggled to contain the massive demo near the annual US- Africa summit. “We want all political prisoners released today” stated one of the protestors named Alemayehu, who came with his family from the neighboring Virginia state. Others accused the Ethiopian ruling party of dividing the country by race and tribe to create previously unknown entities like “Oromia”, “Amhara” and “ogaden” to hang on to power.

The Ethiopian protests were widely covered by ABC, BBC, VOA, NPR and various broadcast media. Protestors from Congo and other African countries also joined the Ethiopians.

Protestors also demanded the release of “zone 9” bloggers who were imprisoned earlier this year in Ethiopia. They said Obama’s disasterous legacy in Africa as the first black US president has so far been support for tyranny and apartheid.


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