Muse Bihi Abdi Projected Winner of Somaliland Presidential election


Muse Bihi won most of the major population centers of Somaliland, including Hargeisa, Gabiley area, Burao, Borama, Berbera, and Las Anod. He also received more votes than Silanyo did in 2010 election.

Muse Bihi’s victory will most likely end the political  career of then candidate Irro, who was the Speaker for 12 years three months ago.

Now, President-elect Bihi faces the job of uniting the country after divisive and smear campaign conducted by Irro during the election.

Colonel Muse Bihi, who is the first Somaliland President with military experience, campaigned for national security, and vowed  to address the most pressing issues facing the nation: the crushing poverty in our society, our broken judicial system, providing basic services like water and electricity,healthcare, and youth unemployment.He also pledged to combat female genital mutilation, to increase women representation in politics, and to  introduce compulsory national service for high and college graduates.

Somaliland voters have  spoken and voted for a change.They voted against Irro because he was not an agent for a change. And they are expecting from President-elect Bihi to put together a lean and competent cabinet with fresh faces. Jamal Hussein who has experience in finance and banking is expected to become  finance secretary. While the reform minded Ahmed Samatar is favorite to run Education Department.Both men have campaigned tirelessly for Candidate Bihi.

But, first, Muse Bihi must swear in as 5th President of Somaliland on inauguration day, December 16.



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