Minister of Finance and Somaliland Solidarity youth group donate ECG machine to Gabiley General Hospital


By Goth Mohamed Goth

People who have life-threatening but undiagnosed heart conditions could soon benefit from ElectroCardiacGraph(ECG) machine donated by the Ministry of Finance and members of Somaliland Solidarity youth group, Bristol branch.


Hon Zam Zam Abdi Aden, Minister of Finance accompanied by members of Somaliland Solidarity youth group today donated ElectroCardiacGraph(ECG) machine to Gabiley general Hospital.


“The ECG machine plays a critical role in the treatment and diagnosis of our patients the whole of Gabiley Region,” the Minister said.

The director of Gabiley Hospital speaking during the brief ceremony said, “It’s widely acknowledged than many of the hundreds of sudden deaths which occur every year in the country could be prevented if simple cardiac screening was made more accessible.


Somaliland Solidarity youth group representative who was speaking during the handing over ceremony said, “We donated a similar machine to Berbera General Hospital and after we saw the need for the lifesaving we approached the Hon Zam Zam Abdi Aden, Minister of Finance to assist us by providing the funds for procuring the machine.


The Minister of Finance later in the day visited Gabiley Mental Hospital whereby she donated a Toyata van.


The Gabiley Development Group and Samokal self-help group presented the Minister of Finance with certificate of Appreciation for her contributions to the mental Hospital.


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