Malcolm X on Somaliland’s Nationalism during Colonial Times+Video



By Chris Brown

Today I come across a speech made by civil rights leader and the most famous American, Malcolm X, mentioning the people of Somaliland. Malcolm X was talking about nationalism and freedom movement in Africa. He mentioned many African countries that had fought against colonialism in the 50s and 60sHe said nationalism the way of present and future to bring about freedom.

It is nationalism that brought freedom to Algerian, Nigerian …Somaliland. Please listen to the speech and get the real intellectual discourse. Set it at 1:14:00.  If they thought thoroughly during that time we would not have a problem of today. Somaliland is also suffering from the post 91 overthrow of the last dictator, Mohamed Said Barre.

The then Somaliland political leaders did not spent the best way how to get Somaliland’s international recognition. Rather they met immediately after they liberated Somaliland from the regime and hastily announced a unilateral declaration of independence. Somaliland people suffer from serious of mistakes its political leader had made in the past.

In the present day Somaliland political and economic situation we are also having another problem. Tribalism is rife.

The old people who plundered our political destiny still control us. It is a time the Somaliland young generation take their destiny into their hand. If they don’t do, I am afraid they will further experience another period of uncertainty for the foreseeable future.

To exactly listen to the clip where he mentioned Somaliland, please set at 1hour and 14 minutes. I advise you listen to the whole speech to get the intellectual understanding of oppression and discrimination.


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