Letter Somaliland:To Wahabi Miser to Reverse His “Timir” Campaign against Poor Masses



“Being Holiday, the Beggar’s shop is shut”

By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Last week, my eyes caught a man in TV screens calling benevolent people to boycott poor beggars in Hargeisa (in order to massively die)! This isn’t mere speculation but undeniable fact but to excuse him I mistakenly thought “Is he talking boycotting Israeli products?” “Is he denying water access to Southern Hargiesa to prevent exodus of NGOs? “ But I carefully listened to him again bragging that beggars shouldn’t be given anything other than “Timir or dates” because they are “Ethiopians!” What cheap alibi! His sermon had been welcomed by the Wahabi Mosques in Hargeisa by silence. He has a single story about Ethiopia fed by his Arab trained Imams. However, instead of sympathizing with them and say what beggars eat when Wahabis Muqbali holidays series begins and Somaliland 18 Day follows.

Most of grand Sheikhs in today Friday’s Prayer didn’t mention it but rather spoke trivial issues. This poor naïve street vendor acted foolishly or on behalf of miser sects like Neo Salafis and Wahabis whose mosques beggar boycotted already not to enter because they know only misers converge there.

Why I selectively picked up Wahabism for niggardliness because they are the only one cult that justifies their niggardliness for simplistically “religious” reasons: “why not help your brother?” “He eats Khat”, “so what’s wrong with that then? You can’t dump your blood brother simply for using Khat unless you’re Wahabi lunatic. Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), a source of moral and ethical guidance of over billion Muslims across the five continents, has been kind towards his Christian uncle Abu Mudalib until his death let one’s Shafici or Timowayn brother. Shame on you.

As Wahabism always find their “Hadiths” or new interpretation to reason their twisted mentality, surely they try to challenge most of my references to Islam. But readers have to ignore.

Mr. Poor beggar Boycotter please stop your cruel campaign against Beggars and take their shoes once to see what motivated them to beg in the first place, that is exactly poverty, you and I can’t travel distant places just begging unless we are desperate. If you acted in the influence of the capitalist Wahabi version of Islam which encourages hoarding and materialism at the expenses of the public, see orthodox Islam which is totally different, the Quran and Hadith promote social solidarity to combat wealth inequality of the society and feeding poor if you could do so. Our prophet obliged us to feed poor regardless of ethnicity or belief.

London School of Economics or LSE posted Omar Binu Khatab in its official website as the first champion of social justice because he used to feed poor Jews, poor Christians and, Muslims equally. Welfare state based system of Europe was copied from him, I think so.

You are misled by the greedy Imams raising funds for militants killing innocent Somalis in the South whose ugly motto is “don’t let your food eat except another sectarian believing man or woman” and who gave leftovers to their families once big belly Sheikhs ate what they could eat!

I read Wahabi poetries encouraging hoarding food, that’s not Islamic; it’s just from their new invented Hadiths to make Islam look much like the capitalist system which the poor becomes poorer and the rich richer.

Mr. Boycotter you are fooled, I think, it’s too early to repent and come to the same TVs to call the people to donate poor beggars whatsoever they can. Allah is Generous and All-knowing but also tormentor for all transgressors. Non-Muslims all they see is your brutal behavior of your Wahabi amputating kids as old as nine for “theft”. And think Islam is all that! How beggars survive? You didn’t refuse to pay alms and charity but called all Muslims to boycott Beggars. What Islam you embraced? And which religion is calling for lack of charity and alms? Perhaps yours, not ours.

Mr. Beggars Boycotter I think, you’ve been in only in your little world, Hargiesa, with Wahabi brutes who led you to believe giving charity to poor isn’t a virtue but punishing them is pleasing Allah, subhanalah. They also told you to attend in the Mosques in midnight for Sune or optional prayers and yell at thousands of patients in the houses nearby. Islam is not the next world, it’s relevant today and aimed to solve social problems not to magnify or boycott to harm the most vulnerable people.

Performing optional prayers is good but doing social work: helping the poor by giving second hand clothes or food, not just Timir, is better and more constructive and more Islamic. A woman went to heaven simply she watered thirst and stray dog, Hadith said. Genuine Islam is all about altruism and the well-being of others. I am not talking Saudi sects but the two Islamic denominations: Sunni and Shiah islam. Your foolish call exacerbated Islam’s false image of “being culture of murder and beheading” by adding niggardliness to the list in which we’ve been trying to combat ferociously.

Mr. Beggar Boycotter don’t be Selfish, or Anaani, “I am selling US notes in the street and made visit Hajj and married with “Sunni” girl, I don’t care suffering people , they totally disturbed me” your terror behavior says that in the ugliest form, your cheap justification that you don’t want to help them because they’re not Somalis is so silly and Islamically unacceptable! I can’t stand by your evil sermon, if I do I am accomplice and tomorrow, you tell us not to bury our dead because they’re dead but rather cremate them! Islam allows helping all human being not to mention Muslims regardless of race or faith.

I know most of these beggars are Somalis and even they’re not, it’s the same I would help them whatsoever I could.

let Sheikh Adan Siiro and Adna Adan Dakhtar be your role models, not the greedy hoarders of the Wahabi culture, she said in the Aljazeera Stream program roughly understating her miraculous words that the people are two types, one says I am educated and have well paid job, I don’t care (the suffering of) others” and other people have heart and willingly want to help others at the all costs. Which type are you?

Dr. Adna could retire in Miami or Dubai or Monaco but of her good conscience, she reinvested her retirement funds into the first maternity Specialist Hospital. FYI, I am not related to her whatsoever not in terms of club affiliation not even met her so far, but her social contribution to the society is overwhelmingly obvious. And that is what matters most, not your booklets calling leaderless Jihad or Mubayacataka with devils.

Beggars in Hargiesa usually target Mosques for ordinary worshippers where so called Wahabi or so called Salafis are few. This is the reality check for you.

Picture what happen if EU countries impose all Somaliland refugees to use food stamps and ban money transfers. I think even Timir would disappear because the cash inflows from the infidel West had dried up.

Use common sense, can you live with “Timir” alone all your life? Timir or dates giving body only one mineral.

Use common sense and stop your brutal campaign against Poor Beggars. Although many innocent and De-cultured youth admired your brutality of most vulnerable sector of our society, I couldn’t resist the urge to write my protests because you didn’t talk about the financial management of your own pocket but mine or others telling what to do with thier bucks whether to feed Miskin. You’re oblivious that feeding beggars doesn’t need to be told by others as it’s dates back to prehistory of Islam much like that you don’t need to be told not to murder your mother, it’s just the common sense, The Wahabi guy indoctrinated and utterly misled you.

You better be a champion against future suicide bombers in your next Madrasa, I urge you to appear in the same local TVs to reverse your fatal decision and admit your mistakes very early on.



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