Kenya to open diplomatic office in Somaliland


Kenya is set to open a diplomatic liaison office in Hargeisa, the capital of the breakaway Somaliland State.

The move comes as the peaceful former state in the troubled Federal Republic of Somalia celebrates the 23rd anniversary since it established itself as an autonomy.

Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Dr Kibicho Karanja, while confirming that Nairobi has authorised the opening of a liaison office for Somaliland State in Kenya, said on Saturday that Kenya would also open a liaison office in Hargeisa.

“It is true that we are opening a liaison office in Hargeisa and we have allowed Somaliland to open theirs in Nairobi. This however does not amount to a diplomatic consulate,” Dr Kibicho said.

He said that the opening of the liaison offices is meant to bring services closer to the people.

Somalia is said to have protested the move to allow Somaliland to open a liaison office in Nairobi, worried that it could trigger a future diplomatic ties with Kenya given the stability in the former federal region of Somali with a population of about three million people.

But Dr Kibicho allayed fears that the move could trigger diplomatic tension between Kenya and Somalia.


“The Federal Government of Somalia is well briefed on the initiative as Kenya only recognises the existence of one government in Somalia,” Dr Kibicho said.

“There is no dispute about our decision to open the liaison office in Hargeisa we have discussed this matter with federal government authorities,” said the PS.

Somaliland, which has claimed autonomy from the main Somalia government, is on a mission to initiate relationships with regional states as it prepares to campaign for recognition at the African Union and the United Nations.

President Ahmed Mohammed Silaanyo was elected into office in 2010 and is Sunday expected to lead the State in celebrating the 23rd anniversary since its reestablishment.

Dr Mohammed Jama, a Somaliland diplomat appointed by President Silaanyo to represent Hargeisa in Nairobi said that Kenya’s request to set up an office to coordinate its activities in Somaliland has been accepted.

“The whole world now knows that Somaliland is a stable state and we are keen to move forward and to relate with regional countries like Kenya. We are glad we have been allowed to open an office in Nairobi which I head,”Dr Jamaa said.

He said many Kenyans are now working in Somaliland, with about three Kenyan universities now operating in Hargeisa city.

“We are keen on mutual ties with Kenya because this will be mutually beneficial to citizens of both the Somaliland and Republic and Kenya,” he said.

President Silaanyo is expected to initiate a major diplomatic campaign to have Somaliland recognised.

Several of his ministers have been traversing various parts of the Arab countries to tighten ties with the Middle East powers as the country fights for diplomatic recognition.




  1. we are welcoming our brothers and sisters fro neighbouring country KENYA for both improvement of economic and security . as somalilander Kenyan i like personal appreciated there effort to move forward to somaliland there are so many golden opportunities in somaliland and for bilateral trades. nchi hii ni poa sana hamna matata karibuni wenzetu.

  2. Thank you to HE President Uhuru Kenyata, HE Amina Jibril the Minister Foreign Affairs and to the Kenyan people for this honour. We have relations that go long way which is odd when one considers the whole of the miasma of molten evil called Somalia separates our two gentle, anglophone nations. Kenya must go one step further soon and recognise Somaliland. Those who say this will harm Somalia do not know anything about the region. In fact nothing will concentrate the miniscule minds of Somalia politicos than facing the reality that Somaliland is defintely gone forever. They may even think about saving the carcass of what is left of the place

  3. Kenya has not recognized Somaliland, Its opening office and they are doing it in Kismayo too. So stop jumping up and down hoping Kenya will recognize you. Thy made it clear that they only recognize one country. Kenya has more interest in Juballand where it shares border.

  4. Slowly but surely we aregetting there! Next will be observatory status at the Commonwealth countries, then IOC, then AU, then UN, then the real thing! It is just a matter of time!
    Somaliland is real and here to stay!

  5. It is good that Kenya finally opening a diplomatic liaison office in Hargeisa as said by Dr.Kibicho Karanja, Foreign Affairs Principle Secretary of Kenya. Soon the Republic of Somaliland not only will be Recognized State but a Example state of Peace and harmony in the horn of Africa. Shafiq Ahmed Qureshi, Amnbassador, The Diplomatic Council, The Netherlands in Islamabad Pakistan,… email.


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