Islamic Online University Increase its Educational work in Somaliland


September 14, 2015

Islamic Online University which has 224 centers in different nations including Somaliland, has now made improvement and established new departments in its office in Somaliland.

MMMMMEast Africa Director of IOU  Saed/Photo Kadar Nouh

IOU which co-founded Dr. Bilal Philips and other Ulima in Peace TV are attended 200 thousand students from different regions on the world is now trying to establish advancement in Somaliland regions.

East African Director of IOU Saed Abdilahi Saed explained their education development and the new vision of the university. He said, “The University is International center of knowledge, it licensed many places in the world. It main offices are in 5 countries which administered the activities of the university. India is the office of IT Department of IOU, Registration Office is in Qadar, The Admin and Finance Office is in USA, while the office in Gambia is the center of mail and information, the examination office is in Turkey and Finland is Academic and student affairs.

200 thousand students from different regions on the world are attended the university. The courses of the university are online, beside English language. IOU supports students from other universities.”

“Ministry of Education is the backbone of the university, we have a good relationship, because we support the Ministry the language aspects. First year we started the university 300 students from the 26 June Secondary school, we also trained 750 students and we train the staffs of Ministry of education, especially empowering female employees.” Said the East Africa Director of IOU Mr. Saed.

The director also recommended how they can solve the barriers of English Language of Somaliland youth and he said, ‘English Language barrier is a national level which effect whole country. The difficult faced student of other universities is English language. The criteria we our student is English perfection, if not we prepare to them English intensive course to upgrade their basic language because English language is necessary to other courses.”

Mr. Said also told that Islamic Online University have a strong relationship with other universities in Somaliland, specially online courses. Now they work with other universities the program called Islamic Ethics.

IOU will take a new student between from September 2015  to March 2016


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