iran(3)By Jaafar Shukri

According to Iran’s state-owned IRNA News Agency the negotiators for Iran and world powers have agreed to extend nuclear talks until November over how to limit Iran’s disputed nuclear program in exchange for the removal of international sanctions.
The talks were to end on Sunday but have extended until late November, IRNA reported. Western media also carried similar reports, the extension will give more time to bridge major differences over weather Tehran will be forced to dismantle parts of its nuclear infrastructure as a statement released by all seven nations reads
The United States and five other countries have been seeking a deal with Iran that would ensure its nuclear program is as peaceful as Iran claims.

U.S secretary of state John Kerry said that under the extension Iran would get access to $2.8 billion in asset that has been frozen in the united state, but suctions against oil sales and other major sources of income will not be lifted. “ Iran will not get any more money during this four months than it did during last six months, and the vast majority of its frozen oil revenue will remain inaccessible” Kerry said in a statement.


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