Former Somaliland Minister of Telecommunications Passes Away in London


Liban Du’aleh Asayr (aka Abdulle), the former Somaliland Minister of Telecommunications under President Riyale administration, has passed away in London where he was undergoing medical treatment. Born in Lasanod in 1942 and educated in Sheikh Primary School, Liban Asayr won scholarship to the former Soviet Union to train as an engineer. After graduation he returned to Somalia and, for a couple of years, worked for the Ministry of Maritime Transport where he oversaw major projects on renovating seaports. He fell out with the military regime for human rights violations and resigned his position to pursue a new business career. Late 1980s he applied for political asylum in the United Kingdom. In 1990s he returned to Somaliland to serve as a minister under President Egal administration. He played a major role in strengthening reconciliation. He is survived by a wife, adult offsprings, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. May Allah rest soul in peace.


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