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Published On: Thu, May 25th, 2017

Experts view in Job Creation in Somaliland

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A hot -heated debate about Employment took place in Mansour Hotel on 24th May 2017, organized by  Save the Children International. The guest included representatives from Save the Children, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Planning, Sonyo Umbrella, Najah Construction Company and prominent Somaliland figures like Mohammed Ali Bile.

All the guests agreed about the fact that the government  lack a clear policy regarding employment in Somaliland. They also mentioned that Somaliland youths need to work hard, use their creativity and be independent at finding their jobs without using the help of family and Sultans.

Looking at the educational side, Warda Mohammud head of the TVET department at Ministry of Education, highlighted the fact that the fields studied at the universities are not corresponding to the problems available at our society and the lack of counseling for students before choosing their fields.

Somaliland youth neglect working at the low-level jobs although they are high in demand and 80% of the TVET students get jobs directly after graduating unlike university students. The lack of patriotism and the lack of skills are among the incumbent reasons of unemployment.

Finally, the last message is for youth to create their jobs using their creativity and to work in any field even if its low –class jobs to stop depending on foreigners.



Written by Yasmeen Hassan

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