Somaliland:Ethiopian Friends, Either Today or Never for Ever


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I haven’t studied psychology, but I have enough common sense to know that the more one fears he is going to fail and lose hope to reach his future prospects and dreams, the more likely fear will over power his ego to do something wrong or shocking due to his confession of defeat. If one has self images of himself that he can’t be accepted by the others for whatever reason, no amount of good wishful thinking is going to change that fact. The feeling emotions of self-defeat, self-shame, self-hate, and self-guilt can destroy the mental self ( Ego ) the same as if someone physically blows one’s brains out.  Before I start my topic of discussion I would like to give a glimpse and a passing glance to the ethnicity and complexion of the Somali people’s culture and their way of thinking in their way of life. The concepts of their survival as a human being , or as a nation that shares the same religion, language, literature, ethics, moral values, customs, culture, and the environment.  A Nation State is a geographical area that can be identified as deriving it’s political legitimacy from serving as a Sovereign Nation.   A State is a political and geopolitical entity, while a Nation State is cultural and ethnic one that implies the two coincided together ( culture and ethnic blended together ) with it’s territory and boundaries semi – sacred and non -transferable.   No Nation State would swap territory with other State simply because President Hassan Of Mogadishu’s daughter got married. The concept of a Nation State can be compared and contrasted with that of the multinational State, City State, Empire, Confederation, and Monarchy State.   In a Nation State there is a uniformity of ethnicity, culture, literature, language, customs, religion, traditions, descent and history. Culture is the set of norms, behaviours, beliefs, traditions, myths, tales and ethnicity. The combination of literature and culture is a people’s way of living, reflections, and the true image of a certain society.

Starting from the coast of (DJibouti Republic, ( Ethiopian Somali Province ) previously called Haud and Reserved Area ( including Diredaba), Hiran, Mudug, and the previous British Colony of Somaliland. Those territories have the same identity in culture, language, literature, history, customs, and body complexion, regardless to their ethnicity and Colonial Boundaries. All the other inhabitants of the other provinces are not pure Somalis but have been Somalised by the overwhelming Somali majority.   All the Somali heroes, philosophers, Think – Tanks, poets, Nationalists are descendants from those ethnic groups and emerged from those above mentioned territories. Either in the past or in the modern history of the Somalis. Since the Agreement of 1948 after the patient pressure from the late Emperor Haile Salassie signed for the evacuation of the British authority, and was designated an Ethiopian Major Demeka in the town of Jigjiga, as a Governor of Haud and Reserved Area. Followed by the Somali local leaders in defiance of the Ethiopian rule. As a result of a formation of the SYL and a casualty of twenty Five Somali leaders death and one Ethiopian soldier. Seconded by the liberation of the Italian Colony of Mogadishu, Somaliland in 1960, and the French Colony in 1967. Due to that diversity of brain and culture in between the above mentioned territories, and the rest of the other parts of Somalia.

That is why the inhabitants of those areas solved their differences and easily reconciled through dialogue by the wisdom of their tribal elders through the traditional rules and laws. Because in our darkest hour there is a quote and a notion we inherited from the mouth of our forefathers that we are obliged to follow, saying: ” Forgive and put one foot in front of the other and go through the motion of living , and you would triumph in the end. While the Bandits of Mogadishu still shooting each other for the sake of a dime and a nickel for a period of twenty four years. After the collapse of the Somali Government in 1991. Above that, all those who sacrificed with their bone and blood for the Somali Nationalism and liberation were descendants from the above mentioned territories. I am illustrating these differences to pinpoint to the International Communities to sort out the pieces of the puzzle, and come to the conclusion that we have and share nothing in common to the barbarians in Mogadishu. Owing to that, we can’t be paralleled to those wild beasts that steals the gold teeth from the dead body.  But if you force us to unite with them compulsorily, with the consent and approval of the Ethiopian friends.   Welcome back to the Hell Fire of Great Somalia. My wife always says to me whenever we quarrel in an argument over a spilled water. ” I would rather prefer to be a young man’s slave, rather than to be an old man’s darling.   Let us open the paradox’s box of problems, and see who will be the loser. The American War Machine needs a new Middle East War Front to test the capability of their new, and deadly weapons.   The Horn of Africa is a good Show – Room to display the brand new, fresh and fatal weapons from the American Factories.   knowingly that the African mentality and the Arab mentality are genuine twins, like father like son.

For the last twenty four years we have fulfilled all the demands, requirements, and conditions of the International Communities to prove our self as a stable, peaceful, and a democratic State.   Depending in our own mean national resources without help from the International Communities.   Displayed a genuine gesture of peace, fraternity and co- existence to our neighbouring countries with mutual respect and co-operation.   But up to now the International Community acting as Sleep – walkers , and intentionally blind folded to dismay our National Cause and dream for our Independence as a Sovereign State. Even the Ethiopian Friends giving us deaf ears to all our appeals and endeavours; ignoring our epoch and notable events. Shutting their doors behind on our face, by filibustering prolonged, depressing process, and hindering blockades. While we have opened whole-heartedly all the cavities of our heart and arms for a sincere, friendly, relationship and mutual respect in between the two countries.   For the last twenty four years, we, as Somalilanders were out crying for our existence as a Sovereign State . Acting as a black man street preacher who carries a small portable organ in the streets of New York. Teaching Christianity to the white people.  Publicly raising our voice against the vast skepticism , an apathy of life, and the political hypocracy of the International Community. Trying our best to cope with the Civilized World, and practicing the ideals of a democratic State. Turning every stone and knocking all doors to introduce our cause to the International Community.   But all our effort is in vain and nobody is willing to listen, or show at least a gesture of respect. Even our Ethiopian Friends giving us deaf ears.   As a consequence, we are dragging our feet with despair and humiliation.   After we have failed to promote our cause, inorder to convince the International Community our existence on the earth planet.   An Oases of peace and tranquility surrounded by an ocean of wild beasts and jerks. Both our friends and our foe are deserting us for no apparent reasons.

I don’t know who is me yet, I have to discover myself again.   A tooth needs filling in my wisdom tooth. We are earnstly requesting from our Ethiopian Friends in a voice that can’t be ignored.   Either fully recognize us today, or never for ever.   This is not an ultimatum but a fatal, and deep request from unsparing , and intimate friend. Remember ! my wife always says to me whenever we argue over a spilled water. ” I would rather prefer to be a young man’s slave rather than to be an old man’s darling.  

Ethiopian Friends : Canadian says that slippery – ice is like music, if you don’t C sharp, you will B flat.

The feet may learn the steps, but only the soul can truly dance.

The Mint makes the money first, and it is up to us to make it last.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.

Yusuf Deyr ( Shadow of Mr.Caseer ). Edmonton, Canada.


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