Ethiopian Diaspora Social Medias on Misinformation Business !!!!

    rrrrrrI read Ato Getachew Reda the “Rare” Voice of Ethiopian Patriotism editor of “EthiopianSemaye I thank him for being the  Voice of sanity when our country is dragged into unending conflict using the modern technology of social medias,

Ethiopia is the least wired country but thanks to the double role of OPDO as an ally of TPLF, as a future partner  OLF and the Oromo Media Network led  by Jawar Mohamed, photos and videos are loaded instantly to inform us on the on going “Oromo Revolution that is more than one month old now preparing  a ground for Oromia Republic with its capital Addis Ababa/Finfine. It might be the new member of United Nations in 2016 if the revolution and misinformation goes with this speed.
ESAT not to miss  the breaking news in Oromia is getting most of the informations after it amended relationship with Jawar Mohammed. Oromo Media Network Boss, after was broken by Ethiopian activists campaign exposing him as anti Amhara and anti Ethiopia extremist.
” Let us talk about the future and do not mention the name Jawar Mohamed ” is coming from G7,  ESAT and 24/7 Paltalk supporters because ESAT will not be able to “report” on The  Oromo Revolution ”   without out Jawar Moahmed info fed by OPDO.
When it comes to Ethiomedia I am very surprised why all of a sudden gave his page for  Ethnic Federalists who wanted to replace TPLF in the name of the “majority”. I wonder if Ato Abrah’s visitors has increased by posting those Ethnic Federalists propaganda. I wish he explains himself for his readers.
I read a very fascinating piece posted on Ethiomedia by Ato Beljig Ali, “Guzo Wedezemene Mesafinet ”
which covers all the areas Ato Getachew Reda covered on his piece posted above. Ethiomedia never posted Ato Getachew Reda piece as usual !!!
It seems to me that the Editor of Ethiomedia is testing the water which way  to go  to attract readers and be rewarded for that.
I texted the editor the relevance of a clip of less than one minute he posted where Abay Tsehai whipping Muktar Keder of OPDO. I asked myself if  this is the same as  “whipping  OPDO militias” ??  We are told by Jawar Moahmmed on his VOA interview that  the killing according to Human Rights Watch 140 of young Oromos  is not the work of OPDO. OPDO is the Victim like Muktar !!!!
Abraha assertion of Muktar Kedir President of Oromia being whipped,
 and Jawar claims of OPDO militias as victims are one and the same. OPDO is the victim of TPLF meaning the tens of thousands of militias in Ogaden are also do nothing militias like the OPDO. The record shows that whatever happened in Ogaden the Somali militia is behind it. OPDO is behind the killing in the Oromo Kilil. Muktar Keder and his militia are accountable for the killing !!!!
No one buys such nonsense Tigre Militia is killing while the armed OPDO watching. The militias in all Kilils are killing and imprisoning anyone they do not like. It has been going on for 25 years nothing new.OPDO militia is not whipped by TPLF rather whipping the Oromos.
The misinformation of social medias as mouthpieces for  political groups that are working day and night to implement the TPLF/OLF Constitution Article 39 must be stopped. All the killings in Ethiopia can not be done without full participation of Ethnic militias. All should be held accountable !!! Ethiopia needs independent social medias not propagandists for anti Ethiopia groups.
Tedla Asfaw
Human Rights Activist
New York City


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