Ethiopian-Americans told to “Vote Republican”

ER publisher Elias Kifle
ER publisher Elias Kifle
ER publisher Elias Kifle
ER publisher Elias Kifle

By Staff

ER publisher Elias Kifle, one of the most influential Ethiopian and African-American journalists in the United States, urged readers to vote against the Democratic Party. In an editorial titled “Vote Republican,” Mr Kifle said President Obama has failed to protect civil liberties in the US and wasted his political capital on a “disastrous health care program” instead of reforming immigration and creating jobs for the African-American community.

Mr Elias Kifle is the editor Ethiopian Review (ER), one of the oldest African news media.  Ethiopian-Americans are reportedly the largest immigrant community in the states of Colorado and Minnesota. Over 100,000 Ethiopians also reside in and around the Washington DC metro area.

“Democratic Party candidates take some communities such as African-Americans for granted” because they receive majority vote “no matter how many promises they break,” Mr Kifle added.

“Send a loud and clear message by voting Republican or simply do not vote” said Mr Elias Kifle.

The controversial ER editor also criticized Obama for not supporting freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. He accused the Obama adminstration of “assisting companies that are owned by his billionaire supporters and dolling out money to dictators around the world.”

Out of all African countries surveyed in 2008, Obama had the highest percentage of support from Ethiopia, which is the headquarter of the AU. However in 2014, observers say support for Obama has decreased among Africans both in the US and in Africa.


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