Ethiopia releases 2 ONLF-key negotiators amid possibly fresh talks

Ali ahmed Hussein (Ali-dheere)  (Left) and Sulub Abdi Ahmed (Right)By Ahmed Abdi

Nairobi, Kenya- ONLF Senior negotiators, who were abducted by the Ethiopian Security Forces from Nairobi on January 26, 2014 are returned to Nairobi, ONLF officials and relatives told Ogadentoday Press.

Ali ahmed Hussein (Ali-dheere) and Sulub Abdi Ahmed are now in Nairobi and have been reunited with their families following after the Ethiopian Security officials brought the two delegates to Moyale town, at Ethiopia-Kenya border.
“The Ogaden National Liberation Front or ONLF  welcomes the release and return of its two delegates as a positive development that removes an important obstacle to progress in the peace talks,” said an statement issued by the separatist group.
“ONLF is committed to continuing the peace process in pursuit of a just and durable political solution, partly reads the statement.
Kenya and International Community was said to be pressing Ethiopian government behind closed doors in support of calls by the ONLF for their release.
The ONLF officials were taken to Ethiopia and detained in an undisclosed facility for one year and four months. Their images surfaced on Social media such as Facebook and twitter. Thousands of ONLF supporters and the officials relatives congratulates each  other on Wednesday. 
ONLF has been fighting to create an independent state in Ethiopia’s Ogaden region after the Great Britain handed over their territory to Ethiopia in 1954. 


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