Ethiopia PM: Africa in “New Age” of anti-terror global cooperation



Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn called for new age of African cooperation against terrorism during joint press conference with Nigerian President Goodluck Johnatan. PM Desalegn said Boko Haram terror organization in Nigeria has been funded by entities outside the African continent. Therefore He said terrorists and all militant groups in Africa need a global response.
Ethiopia and Nigeria, the two biggest countries in Africa, must work together for continent wide change, said President Johnathan. He said the WEST, European and other countries need to crackdown on terrorism networks targetting Africa, the same way that African countries crackdown on al Qaida and other groups targetting the WEST.

Beyond the military cooperation between Africa and the West, Africa needs legal and intelligence cooperation from all countries worldwide, he added.

On the sidelines to local media, PM Desalegn,who is the chairman of African Union (AU), also said curbing militant organizations helps not only peace but also democracy development throughout Africa. He said individuals and groups funding terrorism in Africa must not have safe haven outside Africa. “We have to see it as a global phenomenon that must be tackled together in unison,” said Mr Desalegn.

Referring to the case of Sri Lanka’s diaspora funded LTTE separatist organization as an example, PM Desalegn said wealthy countries worldwide must cooperate with third-world countries to extradite terror financers and to crackdown on global terror networks. “Wealthy nations should not expect Africa to fight terrorism targetting them only while ignoring ones targetting us Africans. It goes both ways, there is no free lunch,” Desalegn stated. He said al Shabab and other armed groups in East Africa region must be similarly tackled with continental and global cooperation.


  1. Suicide bombing is not an indication that the so called war on terror is succeeding, but an indication that a covertly unified world force is fighting for the implementation of a worldwide Islamic system.
    Suicide bombing is useful to the terrorists because it instills total fear in their opponents who are supposed to believe that any so fearless are impossible to defeat.
    Despite the West being an apparent target of the Jihadists, the real focus of attack is against Africa and the rising BRICS nations, who all face the same threat of having their countries and economies split, ensuring their rise is halted and the West continues to maintain it’s world domination and control of vital resources such as oil.
    Although each conflict has it’s own particular regional flavor, the aim is always the same and it should be noted that there would be no worldwide Islamist threat had the west not created and funded Al Qaeda in the first place in it’s fight against the former Soviet Union.
    If Africa is not to return again to direct Western domination it must win the regional battle against terror but we need to be weary of the West and it’s “assistance” while bearing in mind this is a worldwide and multi decade struggle that we face.

  2. Good job mr prime minister! Thanks to you, The Ginbot 7 terrorist leader is now arrested….next should be OLF and ONLF leaders


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