Ethiopia & Kenya civilians accuse ONLF for killings


250px-North_Eastern_in_Kenya.svgBy staff

A family of a wellknown Somali businessman killed in the North Eastern Province of Kenya accused ONLF rebels for the spiraling violence in the county. Kenyan somali businessman Mr. Hassan Yusuf was gunned down by the ONLF militants on wednesday, in what some witnesses said was a systematic assassination.

Kenyan media has reported a spike in ONLF activity in recent months as alshabab has also grown its presence in the NFD region of Kenya. Many civlians have allegedly been massacred by the ONLF gunmen due to clan wars. Garrissa county police have arrested several members of the Ogaden and Oromo rebel groups crossing over the porous borders between Ethiopia, somalia and kenya.

Some Kenyan somalis say ONLF members are interfering in local kenyan politics, giving safe heaven for al shabab terrorists from southern Somalia. UNHCR said the nearby dabaab refugee camp has overflown and kenya has began repatriating some ogadeni and somali refugees back to Somalia. However, ONLF members in Kenya have strongly opposed this Kenyan policy.  “The rebels want the ogadeni and Somali wars to continue forever to send their people as refugees to western countries using asylum system” a UNHCR official said on the condition of anonymity for safety reasons.

The ONLF have been blamed for similar assassinations of businessmen and civilians inside eastern Ethiopia, where its fighters have been waging guerrilla warfare for the independence of Ogaden clan. Non-ogaden Somalis often accuse ONLF of using civilians as human shield against the “liyu” police force in east Ethiopia.

In November last year, the London-based ONLF leaders ordered the assassination of Somaliland border officials and Isaaq clan traders as punishment for their alleged cooperation with Ethiopian security forces.


  1. This is nothing new or surprising!!!!

    The onlf terorists have been murdering peoople at will for almost 20 years…the international community should be blamed for this because onlf gets its funding from canada, UK and other countries

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  3. Wow This is a hallmark of another terrorist organization! What is really sad is that if white people are killed it is a terrorist, but only africans are killed so ONLF is “freedom fighter”

    Even more sad is ONLF is allowed to have its financers and leaders enjoy peaceful life in UK, canada and minnesota. God willing, Sooner or later they will be captured and extradited to face justice in africa…we know western media like BBC and human rights like HRW & amnesty will complain and cry foul like they did when andargachew Tsige was arrested.
    God willing, Western hypocrisy will one day come back to haunt them!

  4. If you don’t know where Garissa county locates then don’t write anything about it. County doesn’t have any border with Ethiopia and Oromos mostly cross the border from Moyale or Mandera. ONLF members are mainly from the Ogaden trip in the Horn of Afirca and Garrisa is their Town.

  5. Onlf is getting more desperate everyday
    Remember, onlf was formed to create a new country so they will never negotiate with ethiopoia
    The war will continue for thousands of years just like the palestine israel war


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