Ethiopia: Isaias Afewerki says Eritrea exodus helps per capita income grow


File photo of Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki in Sana'a

By Staff

The 23 year president of Eritrea Isaias Afewerki mocked recent media reports of thousands of Eritreans fleeing out of the country as helping its per capita income. 

International media has reported over 4,000 Eritreans leaving the red sea nation every month as an “exodus” that could nearly wipeout most people out the country. However President Isaias told Eritrean tv that such reports are exaggerated. He mockingly suggested that even if such report is true, they are “not that bad” report since the exodus could “help raise our per capita income.”

President Isaias claimed that some “selfish” Eritreans are being attracted and lured by a better life in Europe and America, but they are not leaving because of oppression in his country. “If their excuse is really oppression in Eritrea, why don’t they stop and live in Sudan, Ethiopia or Kenya? But they continue their journey to Israel or Europe and America.” He said most Eritrean refugees are economic migrants, not victims of oppression or human rights abuse.


  1. The eritrean dictator is really a sick man! Wow, this is his sick way to improve per capital GDP by killing his own people instead of fixing economy
    This is aslow genocide

  2. Hahahaha!!! Isayas is embarassment to africa….maybe he should kill more eritreans so population will be so small that income per capita is better than all of europe…yaaay we are rich now!!!!! LOL

  3. Omg he never said that. I’m Eritrean and I saw the interviews. Damn why are u making up stuff? U are really a puppet of Ethiopia shame on u

  4. What else anyone expects from such a dictator? He only loves power and alchol, neither love his country nor his people. Shame on him!!! God bless Eritrea!!!

  5. I wouldn’t have a doubt such inflammatory comment will come from this idiot man. I hope Weyane Ethiopia is ones again will chase him to Sahel mountain where he belongs.

      • Don’t try to divide Ethiopians. We are one instead of posting, why don’t you farm and feed your people, oh I forgot nothing grows in the desert. I guess either way you are useless shabia.

        Proud Ethiopian

  6. Pleas try to re phrase the first sentence, because it sounds like he is 23 years old, and not president of Eritrea for 23 years.

  7. Not surprised. Both Meles and Isaass never valued human life. His theory of prosperity is interesting. Economics Issaass style. LOL….when you think you heard all the moronic statements from meles and this dude, they surprise you with a better one.

    • Meles didnt value Ethiopian life, or any life for that matter. Murdered many amhara, oromo, somali, and Eritreans. Now he is swimmin in hell.

      • At least we Ethiopians don’t tax everyone living in a foreign country! We Ethiopians don’t get containers of food shipped to is so we have something to eat! We Ethiopians shall never be discussed by a minority group such as Eritreans. We are 95million strong!

        • Isn’t the UN sending food to feed 6 million+ Ethiopians on the brink of starvation? Let’s not hide the truth. Also what containers of food are you talking about? Care to elaborate.

          • The container of food you sent last month to feed your people. National GDP and food prices in Eritrea are inversely proportional. Yes you are right we have people starving in Ethiopia, that’s why we work hard to increase our productivity. And in case, if you ignored the positive news about Ethiopia, our economy is growing in double digits and we are among the top ten fast growing economies in the world!!

  8. The Ethiopian government does the same by exporting domestic workers to the middle east, the workers sending their monthly salary back home go through the state banks helping the state gain desperately needed foreign currency.

    • Well Atleast the ethiopian government does not have indefinite military service and does not persecute against protestant christians

  9. Isaias, the last true independent African leader left.

    Not like these ferenji boot-lickin stooges who hoard wealth for themselves and sell fertile land to oil-rich Arabs while their citizens are starving to death.

    • Every Eritrean when confronted with problem, tries to find a way to blame Ethiopia. Just wow. We don’t want anything to do with Eritrea, we don’t like you and we would never like you!

      Proud Ethiopian

      • That is because the eritreans are obsessed with us. They know the current dictators in addis ababa support eritrean independence but they still use ethiopia as excuse to militarize their country

        They have no fertile land to feed themselves and they are mad that their ports became useless deserts
        They have no history
        they try to create independent identity but even Their language originate from axum in ethiopia

        • Are you serious? Geez originated in what is common day Eritrea and the first languages descended from it were in fact Tigre then Tigrinya and followed lastly by Amharic. Let’s not attempt to distort history to fit your perverted view of the world. Ironically even with less fertile land than our surrounding neighbors you never hear reports of starvation in Eritrea. Can’t really be said for Ethiopia. And given that there are 300K Ethiopian troops at the border, can you blame Eritrea for militarizing itself especially with the repulsive views expressed on here?

          • Really, I thought last month your president was in Sudan begging for food? So when you get your current facts straight then your historical illusion can be cured. If those don’t work then get a CT-scan of your brain maybe there is a tumor.

          • Are you retarded? Begging for food is an Ethiopian state craft. Your leaders are basket cases. I remember when the dead and buried former PM begged the UN for extra aid citing global warming in Africa. The entire world knows Ethiopians for being the hungriest people on the planet. And that is with fertile land. Your leaders are backwards bush monkeys with no education that’s why.

          • First of all, more ethiopians might need food aid because we have big population. But by percentage only 5 or 6% ethiopians need aid while over 75% of eritreans are starving, begging sudan and qatar for help every year.

            Secondly, there was never eritrea country to begin with before italy created you…so how can you have culture and language before us abyssinians/ethiopians if you did not even exist before us? Lol…even the ancient axum empire that you yourself admit for producing geez language was based inside tigray region of ethiopia…,not in eritrea….eritrea was just a part/possession of axum empire but the center of the civilization was located inside present day ethiopia…not present day eritrea

            Lastly, the 300,000 ethiopian troops are controlled by TPLF and Tplf supports your stinking eritrean independence so you have no excuse to destroy your whole population in military camps….when ethiopians remove TPLF, then you should watch your back 24/7 then

          • Eritrea doesn’t get any food aid whatsoever. Stop trying to factualize falsehoods. And Eritrea existed as a country long before Ethiopia.current day Ethiopia is a union of different feudal regions who’ve been separate from each other for centuries. Never one entity never one country. Before the Italians came to Africa Eritrea was a country called midri bahri, which has been there for centuries. And please stop lying. Axumite empire was 95% in Eritrea. Not based in Ethiopia at all. Only part of Ethiopia that was part of that empire was a very small part of tigray. Adulis qohaito matara and Axum were the major cities. 3 of those cities are in Eritrea. Everything else was in Eritrea. And lastly, TPLF had no choice but to support our independence. We put them in minilek palace. And its not Ethiopians who will remove them. Its up to the Americans who goes and stays. They run your country. TPLF has been a very good servant for them.

          • Medri Bahr was a Autonomous VASSAL State to Abyssinia/Ethiopia, which aided Ethiopia fight off the Somali Invasion in the 1500s. Please stop coming with every excuses to disassociate yourself from Ethiopia.

            And let us not forget that most of the highlands of Eritrea where actually core provinces of Ethiopia until the Italians landed and started conquering the highlands carving out what they called ‘Eritrea’.
            If the Italians would have went all the way down to Tigray then would you have been calling Tigray part of Eritrea because the Italians annexed it as a part of Eritrea?

          • Midri bahri was not a vassal state to any entity. You can also stop saying abysinnia/because they are 2 completely different entities. Abyssinia is the region of tigray and Amhara. And even those regions were never united until the early 20th century. Before 1900 there was no country called abyssinia. Just enclaves of different entities ruling themsleves and at war with one another. Ethiopia is the current country you see today that includes the two regions plus many other regions. And medri bahri only assisted abyssinia when the Somalis reached mereb river. And that is because it enroached on our borders. We didn’t lift a finger the entire time Ahmad gragn and the Somalis took over Abyssinia. The Portuguese assisted as well, are they an Abyssinian vassal state? Do not forget the Italians were invited into the highlands because you Abyssinians have a craving for invading and raiding foreign land (that continues until this day). So they assisted us. Again just because you wish Eritrea was Ethiopia, and because you were told by your midget leaders (haileselasse, mengistu, meles/legesse/abebe, etc..) Doesn’t make it true. Eritrea was federated with ethiopia for 10 years and annexed for 30 years. Thats it. Nothing more nothing less. You got your answer back in 1991, and de jure in 1993. Eritrea has its own flag and seat at the UN. Does the number 99.8 ring a bell??

        • Haha Tigrinya originates from Eritrea. There is nothing that people have taken from Ethiopia. Ethiopians for centuries have stolen land, culture, and history from other countries. Truth, you can’t educate these people, they don’t like hearing facts. The enjoy romantic fairly tales. And teddy just mad he has no ports. Zero. Nada. Beggar.

        • Teddy baby, please grow up.
          you are obsessed with us and our ports, now we.
          Maybe we don’t have big fertile land like ethiopia, (actually all your fertile lands are sold to foreigners!) the rest of our land is full of GOD and other minerals.
          ask and talk about sold lands, not ours.

          So please swallow the bitter pills and accept us that we are not ethiopians anymore, we are freeERITREANS!
          back off you idiot.

  10. Ethiopia remains the worlds #1 producer of refugees per capita and in total.

    “1.6 Million[800,000/year] Ethiopians Have Illegaly Entered Saudi Arabia since 2012, according to the Chinese state-owned international news agency CCTV.”

    • Who cares about ethiopia? We eritreans should worry about only our country. Our people are suffering. Our eritrean people are in worst condition today than when we were under ethiopia. Thanks to dictatos isayas

  11. Wow, This madman isaias must the devil himself!!! Eritrea’s per capita could become 100 million dollar if he kills all our people except his henchmen and HEGDEF robots…he is sick man!!! Now he wants to distract eritreans by flaunting the old constitution he burned down….it is NOT going to work

  12. When did he say that staff writer? He never said that in that manner so please stop putting words in someone’s mouth. That is against the ethics of professional journalism

  13. When i heard this dictator say something like that, it proved that he has lost his mind. He cares about his statistics more than his people! It is disgusting!

    Hey mr president, just in case you forgot, the reason why we move to europe is because you send your death squads to sudan to hunt and kill our eritrean people..,so you are to blame for everything!

    You have killed more eritreans than our italian and ethiopian colonizers combined! One day you will face justice!

    • hey anbeta, why don’t you go and remove isaias instead of bitching and crying about him everyday? all you eritrean anbetas know how to do is cry everyday and complain.
      you put him in power, now deal with it!

      too bad you can’t export anbeta (locust) because that is the only natural resource eritrea ever had…looool …that is why we call you dirty italian slaves “anbetas” because that is all you have hahhahahahaha
      don’t blame your dictator for your locust country’s misery

      • slow down man, relax please. you need to wait sometime before talking such nonsense things. Love it or not what we fought is correct and in it’s place. you should not judge our long struggle by this mad man. your king was there for long time and Mengstu was there also for years. yes, today you are in better condition but remember you have been there for 3 thousand years. Eritrea is new country and when democratic leadership starts to lead you will see how fast it will develop. so please hope for the best to both Habesha people. and that Ambeta thing is too old so don’t use it. Eritrea is rich country.

  14. Everybody is cursing the dictator. But nobody is asking if in fact he said that. For one thing, there was no recent interview on EriTv. The last interview he had was back in January.
    So ppl, start thinking, start asking if what you are reading is true. Once you verify that, you will have plenty of time for the rest.

  15. we don’t deserve to have such stupid “leader”

    he has no education so he thinks per capital income improves by reducing population. this explains why he does not care when thousands flee out of eritrea
    he is like african hitler, killing all eritreans inside and outside the country…sadly many blind eritreans support him because he is against ethiopia…why why?

    it is strange because the ethiopian government leaders always protect Eritrea from some ethiopian expansionists like the amahara groups
    so keeping 500,000 eritrean youth in sawa and other military prison has no purpose. we should build our country, not die in military camps or sahara desert
    please open your eyes people!!!

    • Hey Helena,
      It doesn’t make you smart to believe everything that’s written. Did you ask yourself ‘ this true, did he actually said that?’
      Attacking the dictator is one thing, believing everything that is written about him is another thing. Think lady, think!

      • i heard something like this before too so i believe it.

        otherwise, tell us, why is isayas kiling our people and so many eritreans fleeing out?? whats your explanation?

        • You are asking me this thinking I am his supporter. I am not, and what you are asking is also my question. So let’s search for answers together.

          But back to the article at hand. The last time Isaias had interview was six months ago. And I follow his interviews. I didn’t hear anything about per capita improves because of ppl fleeing. Did he actually say that? And why is this coming now as news if it was “said” six months ago?
          I would love to hear the author answer my questions.

  16. this was taken from an arcticle on the guardian written very recently on the condition of eritrean migrants in libya, in this case a woman… “A 21-year-old woman form Eritrea said when she had arrived, guards had put 23 women in a room, “told us to take off our clothes and then put their fingers inside our vaginas”.

  17. We Ethiopians and Eritreans are sisters and brothers. I believe that. I get sad when something bad happens to Eritrean refugees and hate it when I see fights like this. I am half Eritreaan, half Ethiopian, I love both my parents’ families soo much and cannot tell the difference, much. They all deserve more peace, freedom and justice but to be honest, my Eritrean family lack those rights a lot more. It is lame and childish when siblings fight, so quit it…keep this discussion logical and peaceful.

  18. In the first place”the Somalilandpress” you should not bring what the
    Ethiopians said about Eritrea if you believe what Ethiopia said about
    Eritrea you are out of your mind or you believe Ethiopia is your Boss so
    shame on you.,so do not see Eritrea though you mind for the Eritreans
    or for the world unless to them who paid to post it in ur art tickle .
    teak this to your stomach or brain even if it is hard for you ,PIA
    said all Eritreans are an asset to their country. You can`t change what
    the PIA has said by what you paid for., If you see Somalia now how many
    of the population is out of the country or Iraq or Ethiopians and other,
    are they rich enough because of the Exodus are they ? but Every thing
    when it happen in Eritrea you brought to the media as it specially
    happen or as if it came from the Sky. Why and why ? may answer for this
    is ,The so called Ethiopian weyane government PAID and PAID to under
    mind PIA and to humiliate him and the PPL of Eritrea to cover what they
    have done the CRIME in the hall East Africa and specially on the
    Ethiopian ppl and you somalilandpress help them because you do not
    think about the Somalia which is one day Somalia will be one country
    just eat the money you have paid for ,you work for them.


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