Ethiopia: Despite Oromo protests, Addis master plan continues



By Staff

The Addis Ababa master plan will continue despite protests from some Oromo opposition, an OPDO official told local media in the capital. The OPDO now believes the “master plan” will benefit Oromos economically in the long run, according to the official who requested to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to give details. He also said the plan will not hurt local Oromos linguistically because “Most Oromos living in the outskirts of Addis Ababa are already multi-lingual, which will give them advantage in the workforce.”

OPDO led by new chairman Muktar Kedir has become more influential since the passing away of Prime minister Meles Zenawi.  Previously, many top OPDO leaders openly displayed opposition to the master plan, which was a plan that required expansion of Addis Ababa toward Oromia towns. 

But now, after Oromo protests sparked by diaspora based websites led to riots, OPDO is fully disassociating itself from the protests, according to the source. “OPDO feels it’s anti-expansion agenda was hijacked by foreign forces” the government source added. 

In addition to Addis Ababa, the government is planning expansion of Dire Dawa, the second biggest city in Ethiopia. Such expansion will include new industrial zones and it is expected to benefit the economies of both neighboring Djibouti and Somaliland.


  1. Actually, this report is biased and untrue
    garbage report written by lazy journalist.Here we go with their untrue
    reports ..”OPDO led by new chairman Obbo Muktar Kadir has become more
    influential”..really?? true? … “According to the official
    who requested to remain anonymous”… Why an official suddenly become
    anonymous? To speak untrue? … “The plan will not hurt local Oromo…
    because they are already multi-lingual “… How the multi-linguality is
    the only parameter to measure the effect of this master killer ? How
    about other parameters, such as the displacement of local farmers from
    their home, the impact on social, economically, politically, and,
    territory expansion/land Grabbing/annexation , violating constitutional
    and human right and etc. ……… “In addion to AA the government is
    planning to expand Diredawa…. to benefit the economies of both
    neighboring Djibouti and Somaliland” …is that in expense/sacrifice of
    Oromo Famers and Oromo nation….. ….this is the fake report, I have not

  2. i don’t understand why some oromos oppose this development. are they stupid? their region Oromia has the most investment and the most development…it has the most growing cities…they should be happy the government always building infrastructure in oromia while ignoring somali and afar regions.
    the foreign investments happening in oromia now are the same like in india and china….now india is becoming rich country…. diaspora oromos need to be unselfish and think for oromia instead of trying to find excuse for why they abandoned and left oromia to greener pastures in america or europe

    most of these oromo crybabies are not educated and they think only about tribe. otherwise they will appreciate the advancement of their state… i am originally from the south (hadiya region)… i wish the government spent in hadiya zone even 1% of what it is spending to develop oromia.. i would be very happy

    • You are not from Oromo tribe, so you don’t know about Oromo people a while. So, don’t think like dog or hyena, donkey man!! For Tadele


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