Ethiopia: Addis Ababans angry over Oromo ship name



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Residents of Addis Ababa city are angry after the Ethiopian government used the Oromo name “Finfine” to label a massive new ship purchased to transport the country’s exports. The government media broadcasted the purchase of nine new cargo ships and it used the regional capital city names to label the vessels.

However, the controversy began after  the government used the city’s Oromo version name “Finfine” to label the ship instead of using the city’s famous Amharic language name “Addis Ababa.”

According to ESLSE, there are no ships named after “Addis Ababa” in Amharic. The African Union (AU) capital Addis Ababa is only 19% ethnic Oromo and 47% ethnic Amhara but nearly the whole population speaks Amharic language. Originally settled first by ethnic Gurage people in the 9th century, Addis Ababa(Finfine) today is only 16% Gurage.

Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) purchased the nine vessels from Huanghai Shipbuilding Company worth $300 million US dollars.

According to ESLSE, the old “Lion of Judah” ship label named after the Ethiopian monarch has also been disbanded. Previously, the EPRDF ruling party sparked controversy after it outlawed the production and sales of Ethiopian flags that had the Lion of judah embelm. Some businesses and shop owners were imprisoned for selling the old Ethiopian flag with a lion picture inside it. Analysts say the Tigrayan dominated EPRDF ruling party uses similar tactics to spark ethnic disputes, in order to divide and rule the country.

The vessel Finfine (ETFN) has a Gross tonnage capacity of 21,024-gt and it was built in 2013


    • man they should get award for ths drama…they hilarouse
      they care only about their power but trying to put conflict between people.

      • who are going to fight over the name of being Addis Ababa/Finfine ? the time will come when you all call the city by its original name
        the Amharas know that they don’t belong to that land so they want to set agenda for Gurage to claim Finfine . Had it been Gurage’s who orinally been in finfine/Addis Ababa we could have hear that the name is indiber or something Gurage short the writer of the article is a foolish Amhara who pretend to be mixed politiican with rotten thinking. The issue is that no body knows even the name of ship is Finfine or not. Even if they know it i do not think it is a problem except in the minds of rotten narrow minded Amharas who still dream past in the 21 century for they will remain dreaming to come back. The struggle in Ethiopia is to dismantle the the Hegemony of trash Amharas and corrupt TPLF who disturb Ethiopia.
        soon or latter the people who for freedom will be free and Ethiopia will become 5 countries if it continues with this trends of Amharas misleading propoganda where Amhara are the only loosers

        • Once again the joke is on you ekekam Gala,,,, instead of naming the city fiffine they named a vessel fifnfine,,, don’t you get the message, of course you don’t, you will wake up 200 years later,,,,it’s an insult to your face, but then again you don’t comprehend,,,, Good one TPLF

          • @disqus_fdr5N4urM8:disqus I think you are the dreamer of your non existing history, you have to stop such provocative way of writing. I do no why you all are nervous while any oromo related issues come to existence, by the way I am not arguing the vessel name have to be this or that but what I am surprised is about your aggressiveness for nonsense issues due to only Oromo term used. Please believe me Oromo never be the one you may think with your dirt mind but Oromo is highly wise, disciplined and respect full. Do not aggravate the difference if you really need the unity try to stick to positive without side. Do not get headache thinking about Oromo they know better than any one about them selves and they leave the history of other for them selves that is the sign of democracy and self respect.

  1. Tomato or tomato… does not matter what you call it as long as it refers the same thing at the end of the day

  2. Finfine is Amharic name but the Oromo considered it as
    oromifa word there is no meaning for the
    word finfine in oromifa

  3. It is not a big deal. There are many questions an answered since the ruling government came to power.

    Calling it Finfinne, as far as i am concerned, wouldn’t cause any pity towards the residents as most of them are under cultural imperialism of feudal ideology. That’s why they don’t call themselves Oromo. To enjoy what? To face arrest or another? Albeit it is better now, before decades any one with Oromo name and identity would be called OLF and labelled with derogatory names which is unfortunate.

    It is better to remember 1990’s when OLF came to Finfinne everyone use to call itself as i am Oromo. Most of them started learning Qubee and having Oromo NP and others. To be honest, there are many Oromos’ in Addis Abeba. Either they are unaware of their ethnicity or they are dehumanized to other ethnic. Still those guys are waiting for a day in which they live their true humanity.

    @gelitu:disqus the word Finfinne is synonym with Afaan Oromo name called ‘Finiine’ the word used for the power of a spring water. In addition, the word Finfinne was known back in 196o’s in a present place ‘Arada Ghiorgis’ (the original name Birbirsa Gooroo). During that time, Catholic missionaries built some shanty towns consisting of 10,000 residents.

    Therefore, @disqus_25S64ke01g:disqus Addis Ababa and Finfinne don’t resemble the same.
    In a nutshell, i agree with @disqus_j41gTlvoYy:disqus and @Hope that the government knows the solution for the quest but kept silence.

    Still, the question of the large public, the one who invented the most democratic system, the most liberal African society and the owner of third most spoken language in Africa, the Oromo is vast.

    I think the big problem many of us have is, there is no media which tell us about the history, culture, humanity… and other other entity of the Oromo people. That’s why we get wrong mostly.

    But i’ve a question for the news writer as i read the original settlers in Finfinne were Gurage? I would be happy if u sent me the literature so that i know.

    I thank u all.

  4. Wow!!! It must be the racist OPDO that gave oromo name finfine to the stupid ship!
    Opdo is the brainchild of woyane tribal regime

    I am so embarrassed to be ethiopian these days!
    We bicker about minor tribal issues and divide ourselves while america and the west is uniting as one to build rockets and going to the moon
    We are such backward race!
    Maybe we are cursed people :(

  5. It is so funny to see the contradictions in tplf/olf views of ethnicity, self governance, local ownership, etc. even for those who believe in such destructive approach. If people are about governing their own localities, how is it logical for Oromia kilil to claim a region that is populated by 47% Amharas, 16% Gurages, and 20% others? If it doesn’t claim ownership of this territory, why does it bother about its name? I think tplf is at a point where its ethnic policies are backfiring on its face. The same tactics it introduced to make the country easier to control are about to make it ungovernable. My guess is tplf never imagined to stay in power this long. Dissolve ethnic politics and emphasize Ethiopia is one country. Otherwise, it is blowing up.

    • Meko,

      Tplf ideology is based on anger and bitterness not consensus

      Imagine, wollo (a place where half the people are oromo or mixed) is forced inside “amhara” map meanwhile nazret and bishoftu which have almost 50% amara is forced into “oromia” map

      This shows the intellectual bankrupcy of the tigre elite of tplf. We never had amara or oromo country in history
      After a few years all of this tplf map will dissolve and ethiopia will be governed by only merit and democracy
      Our people will be more united than ever!

      I give tplf 5 to 7 more years then it will disappear together with its tribal federalism fiasco

  6. OMG! Who cares? We don’t even have a port.

    Avoid the drama and rename ships Dimet, Wusha, Feres, Zingero, etc.!

  7. Hawadian aka Somalilander aka EthioSomali, stop writing nonsense. I know this article and the previous one (Re: PM Hailemariam Desalegn and Oromo issue) came from you.

  8. who care this bullshit name game your data is also baseless still the majority of Addis is #Oromos but they are Amharic speakers and most of them are christian , but most addis dont want play ethnic politics , let me tell you about Oromos who are in Addis like late legendary Tilahun gesese clan are oromos who are live in addis and people think All amharic speakers are Amhara that is nonsense

  9. Hoo, now they’re murdering Oromo’s childerns on the street during day light & naming the ediot ship after the original name for Addis Abeba. Thanks to the racist & so called king Meniylk who took away our pride,our land a gave to minority ,as a result our children are paying the price by sacrificing their life.

    • You oromos came from south ethiopia 500 years ago and now you want to claim the whole ethiopia?? Wow!
      Remember Gurages and amaras lived in shewa centuries before oromos immigrated to central ethiopia

      Most oromo politicians are ignorants who use selective amnesia and choose & pick one part of ethiopian history and ignore other parts of ethio history


      its sad how You RACIST oromos are just like racist white supremacists who think they are better than everyone

        • Lol. Gurages aka listros are products of Oromo’s gudifecha system. They came to the kushland as immigrants, our fathers took them as one of their own. Now look what we end up with. Gurages are the most ungrateful & inhuman baboons.

  10. Funny. Addis Ababa or Finfine residents angry? I am in Addis, i do not see anyone knowing about that ship let alone getting angry about it has been named. Addis worries about house rental, transportation ans schools fees going through the roof, about water and electricity shortages, mobile phone network problems…

    Addis, Finfinne, or Sheger or whatever you name it do not care about these petty games, i can tell you. Whoever wrote that article should spend some time actually speaking to the “residents”..

  11. many bole district residents inside addis ababa have been complaining about this finfinne name issue the whole week.
    most of them are mad because oromos are against addis ababa expansion plan. so now the bole people are attacking everything related to oromo

    • if your oromo please dont argue about this thing on here…oromo we have biger problem and we dont want to lose energy over this kind of things. they both the same and they playng cat and muse game on us. please oromo open your eyes if they put the name finfine on ship what does it do for us when our people are begging and working as labor for the so called selfish investors. our people are begger today it is unheard off
      when i was grown up it was very few like one or two beggars.
      look now it is extremely sad

  12. Must be Gurage listro who wrote this article, he even clamed Gurage’s are original people from Finfine. hahahahahahah!

  13. To lebel Addis abeba as finfine is too far streched from the truth by any imagination and it’s unfair. The word finfine in afan oromo literally means ” FIL WUHA” in amharic , but that was an area merly the size of one football stadium a century ago and we now know how big ADDISABEBA is. There are many examples in the world when people from the uk emmigrated to america they called their new countries newyork newjersy newfoundland e.t.c .

  14. you fools might think the vessels belong to ethiopia, hell noo! the owners are TPLF billioners, it just sales under ethiopian flag, profit goes direct to their overseas account

  15. It is good to observe the various takes on the issues of the names – esp that of Finfine. Addis Ababa is the “port of registry” of all commercial ships that belong to Ethiopia. This name is engraved on all 15 vessesls that Ethiopia currently operates. A name given as port of registry can not be given as a name of a vessesl. This should settle all the misunderstand there is around this issue.

    • Truth,

      If what you said is true then why the TPLF government did not explain that to addis ababa people ? The TPLF alwayswants to incite ethnic fighting
      People of addis ababa (even oromos) do not like tribalism that is why the city 99% voted against TPLF in 2005 election

      Knowing this, tplf should avoid bringing tribalism in addis ababa


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