Ethiopia, A Home for Ethiopians and the rest of Africa !!!!

Shoppers buy food at a market in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa (Associated Press)
Shoppers buy food at a market in the Ethiopian capital city of Addis Ababa (Associated Press)
Surprised that Brother Teshome M. Borago is living in New York area. We are neighbors love to meet him one of these days. The chat he had in church with a friend is very interesting. Read,
The current army according to information I have is mixed as that of Derg. The top positions might be dominated  by Tigray former fighters.
Many young people from cities joined the  army as source of income, job opportunity Those like a  friend Teshome  met in church has no figure to support his/her claim of one tribe dominated army. If you see those who were killed in action in Somalia their military ID proves that they were from different ethnic backgrounds.
When it comes to keeping the current ” Ethnic Federalism” with some modification in urban centers Teshome suggested on his piece above I have reservation. He correctly said that the current Federalism is a product of TPLF and OLF which did not include more than half of the Ethiopian population.
Most of the Oromo elites wanted to keep this Federalism including Addis Ababa/Ffnfine as their future capital for Oromia Republic. The Addis and its surrounding residents of different ethnic backgrounds  voted against TPLF/OLF/OPDO in 2005 rejecting Ethnic politics.
The lack of support for current Oromo protest in the surrounding of Addis is due to this mistrust of OPDO/OLF. Here in the diaspora  we are not marching with the Oromia Republic activists because our strategic goal and theirs is totally different. We are for free and democratic Ethiopia be it at federal or any other arrangement on open discussion by all Ethiopians !!! They are only for the interest of their Region/Kilil. We only heard “land Grab” from the Oromo elites  14 months ago following the Addis “Master Plan”. The land grab issue has been a burning issue for most of us since 2008. For Oromo elites, land grab in Gambella and Omo is another “Republic” problem which does not concern them.
To the contrary Obbo Tesfaye Gebrab accused millions of Ethiopians  for not supporting the  “revolution” led by Oromo youth going on for more than a month now. Tesfaye Gebrab might not be born then but the February/Yekatit Revolution of 1974 was a popular uprising led by Ethiopians from different religion and ethnic  backgrounds aspiring economical and political freedom. The current protest in the Oromo region is the struggle for the last phase of the Woyane/OLF Constitution, Article 39. Why should we give our support for the implementation of the Constitution we were not part of ???
Regarding  the two opposite historical narratives about Ethiopia this debate was settled at academic level long ago. Those who do not want to accept this can not be satisfied until History is written according to their wish. Historical record can not be manufactured to satisfy those people interest. Ethiopia is not only for us she is now the  home of Africans !!! The rest of Africa cares about Ethiopia !!! African Union is incompatible with fragmented Ethiopia !!!


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