Eritrea “fabricates” Ethiopia border attack (Update)


61692_7_Isaias_Afewerki_614x620According to the latest accounts from Eritrea, border clashes have reportedly led to dozens dead from both sides of the conflict. Various diaspora media and inside sources said the conflict started when Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) exchanged fire against Eritrean opposition rebels (supported by the Ethiopian government.)

On Monday, Asmara claimed that Ethiopia “unleashed an attack against Eritrea.” However, Eritrean reporters said this was a “fabrication” and a “desperate attempt” by President Isaias to distract its citizens and the international community from the recent findings of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea.

Eritrean journalist Meron Estefanos said Ethiopia “has no reason” to start a conflict. “The shelling across the border was actually started by Eritrea,” She added.

Ethiopian political analyst Teshome Borago told SomalilandPress that Ethiopia is not an innocent bystander. “Addis Ababa is actively supporting Eritrean militants against Asmara,” Mr. Borago said.
“But My sources inside Eritrea said Eritrean army was chasing Eritrean deserters and refugees at the border where opposition militants operate,” he added.
Eritrean border guards usually let these refugees escape into Ethiopia, but this time Asmara decided to pursue the deserters and refugees deep into Ethiopia controlled territories, Mr. Borago stated. “Asmara probably wanted to change the world news media headlines about Eritrea and it achieved that goal.”

Other inside accounts revealed that Addis Ababa-backed Eritrean opposition fighters were helping the refugees escape but they were overwhelmed by the Eritrean army; which forced the Ethiopian army to join the conflict to rescue the Eritrean opposition.

The latest reports on Tuesday said the situation at the border is tense but calm.


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