Eid Mubarak from SomalilandPress


Eid Mubarak to all muslims around the world,wishing all of you happiness, a health and prosperity.

May the choicest blessing of Allah fill your life’s peace,joy and prosperity from the staff at SomalilandPress


  1. Reciprocated appreciations to all the great staff of the Somalilandpress.
    Best wishes and greetings on this auspicious Islamic advent of ID-Alfitr
    happy celebrations for the Muslim World. Happy Peace and prosperity Insha'Allah.

  2. EID MUBARAK to everyone. May Allah make our country peace.

    I would like to pray for my brothers Buuxiye, mohamed cheers, osman Qaal and his wife Gobaad May Allah grant you a clean heart away from tribalist and guide all of you in the right path inshaAllah.

    Allahu Akbar.

    • Bugland Geezer,

      You forget to mention Ku rujiye kama kace – a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something, sex maniac to put the context on its own proper pretext.

      • Ku rujiye kama kace is a newcomer but these four butt red and hairless baboons Buuxiye, mohamed cheers, osman Qaal and that crazy woman Gobaad are my own worst enemy.

        Ps what is Bugland?


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