Eid Charity relief in Somaliland


Sheikh Eid Charitable Association (Eid Charity) carried out a relief project in Somaliland as part of its campaign targeting drought-affected people and providing assistance and foodstuff to alleviate the suffering of thousands of affected families in different areas.
Eid Charity implemented a relief project in Hargeisa and Broua in Somaliland, benefiting about 2,448 men, women and children.
Months ago, Eid Charity launched the first phase of its massive relief campaign aimed at providing relief to a quarter million Somalis by providing food, water and health care at a cost of around QR10m.
The charity said it continued its relief campaigns for the Somali people, who suffer from the negative impact of the worst drought to hit the country in 120 years as drought, water and food shortages left more than 940,000 children suffering from acute malnutrition this year, of them 25pc are threatened with starvation.


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