Djibouti:Chairman of USN Ottawa Sends Congratulatory Message to Djiboutians as they Mark EID-EL FTIR festival


The message MOHAMED HOUSSEIN, Chairman of Support ‘USN Ottawa’ during the festival of EID-EL FTIR;

” My best wishes for happiness, prosperity and peace for the people of Djibouti”
” Let possible democratic change through peace and civil disobedience!
” The military institutions will need to protect the public and safeguard the security of the country and to dissociate themselves with the scheme and the general who has the balance of the first”
” Like the European Union made a historic resolution condemning the regime
undemocratic Djibouti, the United Nations, the Arab League, the African Union as well as instances
as IGAD should do the same and provide regional support legitimate meeting of countries
and push the regime to the democratic opening and support the Djibouti people in this this for democracy”



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