The Djiboutian Government and the Opposition Exepected to Sign a Framework Agreement



The government and the opposition will sign a framework agreement

Djibouti, December 29, 2014


After 20 months of unprecedented political crisis and after 3 failed attempts of political dialogue is mentioned the imminent signing of a framework agreement between the opposition coalition and power in less than 24 hours. We hope that this agreement will allow the foundation of true democracy and the rebirth of a republic where the fundamental values ​​of human rights will be respected.


After signing the power and the opposition must get to work as soon as possible to create conditions for the establishment of the rule of law and above all to prevent the frustrations and resentments that may be barriers to political dialogue.


So far we have echo assertions or denied by the power nor the opposition. However, this abysmal silence surrounding this agreement which is evoked imminent, remains a concern as the transparency of communication would be welcome in such circumstances to reassure the people guarantor of such a historic event.


However, eventually clogging and / or any consent precast policy that does not serve the interests of the people will not stand the test of time. Moreover, the desire for freedom and justice remains strong wherever the rule of law is lacking.


The ODDH called again:


  1. In the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners, the cessation of prosecution and harassment.


  1. A compensation and restoration of rights of all victims.


  1. At the culmination of a fair and open political dialogue,


  1. In the implementation of democratic reforms to pave the way for a genuine rule of law.


  1. To the International Community and all Djiboutian citizens to work towards a peaceful and democratic society in which human rights are respected.

Acting for democracy, dignity and justice.

The President of the ODDH

Farah Abdillahi Miguil


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