Djibouti:A framework agreement stalled and Under State of Repression


oddhDjibouti, 20 September 2015  

Since the post-election crisis of unprecedented February 22, 2013, and despite the signing of a framework agreement December 30, 2014 we are seeing the commoditization of a state of lawlessness at the expense of the rules of justice and of fundamental freedoms, the country’s constitution, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights …

  1. A framework agreement stalled …

For more than five months the framework agreement has stalled. Moreover, among the 7 points on “immediate issues”, ie one question 5, that relating to the integration of eight (8) members of the opposition in the National Assembly with the payment of their allowances as of February 23, 2013, has been resolved.

Furthermore, sensitive issues: Democratic platform status of the opposition, CENI, … freedom of expression, prisoners are still on the good will of power.

  1. Ongoing repression …

Worse, the power struggles to violate the spirit and letter of the agreement by not complying with point 3 “immediate issues” concerning “stop all acts that could lead to tense situations between public authorities and opposition activists.

Since late July, a multiform repression with multiple human rights violations (arbitrary arrests, illegal detentions, intimidation, abusive investment custody, harassment, kidnappings and torture, wrongful convictions, …) falls on the members of the opposition and their supporters.

Illegal restraint and hostage taking of opposition leaders including President Omar Elmi Acting Khaireh to Wea in the Arta region September 12, 2015 by plainclothes elements of the security forces is only a illustration over the clear will of the power to silence any form of dissent and freedom of opinion.

Arrests and arbitrary detentions are increasing in regions of Ali Sabieh and Dikhil. After the release of September 13, 2015 5 opposition members arrested in Ali Sabieh and placed in term deposit Gabode, it is the turn of the city of Dikhil that repression is increasing. We learned of the arrest from Friday, September 18, 2015 of forty (40) or fifty (50) members and supporters of the opposition would still detained at the gendarmerie.

III.             Broadcast statement of the Minister of Labour and Public Service

The statement of the Minister of Labour is like a form of blackmail and intimidation where the Djiboutian official must choose between “wage and freedom of opinion.” It reflects a state of excitement at the power and nonsensical logic because the Ministry of Education, the Minister himself openly calls frames his staff to join the ranks of the RPP (governing party) in the preparation the presidential elections of 2016.


ODDH naturally protested against these draconian reflexes of the authorities of this country and condemns the trivialization of a state of lawlessness where the abuses and practices of another age are common currencies.

The ODDH challenges the National and International Community on the need to enforce the framework agreement for a final output of a political crisis that could be detrimental to the entire nation.  

The ODDH called the ruling respect for the framework agreement signed e n implementing democratic reforms to lay the foundations of a genuine rule of law.

Acting for democracy, dignity and justice  

Farah Abdillahi Miguil

President ODDH  


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