The Current Situation on Somalia

 The current situation of Somalia shows some hope for the future of the country after almost e decades of civil war and chaos. But the on going apartheid and discrimination pose a threat of fresh conflict and violence.
The tradition of isolating and marginalizing a segment of Somali community is unacceptable, since this amounts to human rights violation and abuse.
The current political system is only benefiting the so called major clans, who are all in agreement of one common thing which is to discriminate the community of Somali Bantu and others.
The formation of the federal states was the last nail on the coffin of denying the rights of the marginalized communities. In Jubbaland, South West and HirShabelle the discrimination of Somali Bantu is common.
The administration of South West seems to be worse by denying the existence of Somali Bantu in their midst, while it’s believed that half of the population in these regions are Bantu.
The draught response in the country at the moment is also focusing on assisting people who hail from the pastoral communities who consider themselves as superior clans. Almost 100 per cent of the Somali staff working with the international and local NGO’S are from the so called major clans , thus denying the marginalized groups a chance to be heard or to be assisted;It is regrettable and even shaming that any citizen would die of hunger in 21st century.
This discrimination will also affect the preparation of the one man one vote election in 2020 since it’s the so called major clans who will play the role of decision makers and ignoring the others

Its time for the informational community to stop supporting blindly such practices which will only serve in producing negative results in the pursue of Peace and stability for Somalia.

Wagosha Movement Of Somalia
(To Promote Justice,Equality & Development)


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