Somaliland:Conference on Somali Business Opportunities in Stockholm



Ewa Björling to speak at Conference on Somali Business Opportunities in Stockholm.

Increasing domestic investment has strengthened the interest and confidence in the region of the foreign investors. Moved Somalis, who account for a large part of the foreign investment

The increased investment has boosted interest from other foreign investors, and new trade relationships with the rest of the world is under construction. Why is organizing the Swedish government, along with Business Sweden, a trade and investment conference for 150 representatives, mainly from the Somali and Swedish industry.

“Conference on Somaliland Business Opportunities” in Stockholm aims to highlight and inform about business opportunities in Somalia, which is a step toward eventually allow trade and investment.This conference will provide space for networking between public, private, Swedish and Somali actors. The government would like to see the private sector taking a greater role in re-building in Somalia and the Somali diaspora, including in Sweden, can play an important role.

– The Government wants the conference “Conference on Somaliland Business Opportunities” will help boost trade relations between Sweden and Somalia, and promote the development of the private sector in Somalia.

This can contribute to economic growth, job creation and income. It can also provide Swedish companies an opportunity to find new markets and partnerships on the Horn of Africa, says Trade Minister as the opening address at the conference.

Faisal Cadami

Stockholm Sweden


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