Cargo Ship MV OS-35 Freed From Pirate Control After Successful Cooperation Between Counter-Piracy Naval Forces in Gulf of Aden


EU Naval Force confirms that cargo ship, MV OS-35, that was attacked by suspected armed pirates on Saturday 8 April, is safe and en route to port after successful cooperation between international counter-piracy naval forces in the Gulf of Aden.

Naval forces became aware of the attack after MV OS-35’s master sent out a mayday alert to say that armed men had climbed on board his ship. The master and crew were able to secure themselves in a safe room, known as a citadel.

Upon hearing the alert, EU Naval Force’s Maritime Security Centre (Horn of Africa) immediately issued a navigation warning to all merchant shipping to warn them that a piracy incident had taken place.

Following close coordination between warships from the Combined Maritime Forces, Chinese PLA Navy and Indian Navy, a boarding team from a PLA Navy warship embarked MV OS-35 and freed the crew.

The photograph of MV OS-35 was taken from EU Naval Force warship, ITS Espero, which contributed to the coordinated effort.  ITS Espero is now continuing with her counter-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden to help deter and disrupt acts of pir


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