Can Ethiopia Survive Ethnic Conflict ???

I read Ato Ephrem Madebo excursion throughout Europe and the experience that is relevant to our country that is divided and bantustatized for the last 25 years  on his fascinating piece on Ethiomedia. As he correctly said the last 4 months uprising in the Oromo Kilil has shaken the foundation of TPLF/Woyane. The struggle limited to Oromo Kilil shows the fruit of Ethnic Politics and Ethnic Federalism imposed on the people of Ethiopia. If young university students have no common vision it is hard to expect common struggle for a democratic change in Ethiopia. In current Ethiopia the struggle is for “Kilil” or Ethnic Liberation.
However, more than the Oromo Kilil the less reported uprising is underway in what is known as Western Tigray or historically across Tekeze in  Gonder, Welkait Tsegede and Armacho. I argue TPLF/woyane is fighting in the Oromo Kilil for tactical reason only.
The strategic fight for the survival of TPLF is the uprising bubbling in Welkait Tsegede and Armacheo. Tigray Republic the retreating home of TPLF can only be realized occupying the fertile land in  Gonder where  TPLF settled more than half million people systematically  for more than 25 years.
Woyane land grab which has been going on since 2008 in the rest of  Ethiopia surely  started the uprising four months ago in the Oromo Kilil. This struggle which took the lives of more than 200 people is to continue without profit for Woyane and for many people forceful displacement from their land. However, the coming bloody battle between Tigreans and Amharas for Welkait Tsegede and Armacheo is the strategic war for the survival of TPLF.
Ethiopians fought many wars in North. The battle of Adwa, Maichew etc and many other battles shaped Ethiopia as a country we know it  today. The coming internal battle between the Tigray Kilil and the Amhara Kilil will surely determine the fate of our country.
A struggle confined to Kilil without common vision for Ethiopia as country can only be overcome with visionary leaders who Walk the Talk !!!! Ethiopia survived many such historical  incidents in the past. We shall overcome !!!!!
Tedla Asfaw


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