Building a home in Somaliland-Abhihakim’s story


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My brother just called, our lorry has broken down. No worries. It’s 10pm in Somaliland, I’ll call him back tomorrow.

In 1999 my cousin and I watched a movie together set in California and afterwards we hatched a plan to move here. We found out the time difference is 12 hours from Somaliland to California so my brother and I hatched a plan to dig a hole in the ground, to go underneath the world, so that we’d be able to get to America on the other side. My cousin is a funny guy. He’s still at home.

I eventually came over here in 2008. My sister has been here for 30 years so she sponsored me. For the first 3 years I did nothing but work. I lived with my sister, cooked my own food and worked double shifts at a packaging center – just like Amazon, but it was for a different website. I saved $18,000 USD after 3 years living like this.


I flew home and my brother and I bought a delivery truck. We agreed that he’d get a job as a driver and would split his earnings with me 50-50. He gets $2,000 USD each time he makes a delivery to the next big city. I get $1,000 of that. After a few months I was able to buy some land and now I own a 6 bed house with a huge garden. You could park 12 cars in that garden. It’s crazy.

I’ll go home whenever I want. I like it here, there is so much opportunity.

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