{Bloomsbury Somali Studies Group} Invitation to the launch of Somali Week Festival


folk danceKayd Somali Arts and Culture would like to invite you to the launch event of the Somali Week Festival 2014,Friday 17th October at 6pm at Oxford House in Bethnal Green, Derbyshire Street, London, E2 6HG. 


The event will be chaired by Mohammed Adow, Somali journalist from Aljazeera


We are delighted that H.M. Ambassador Neil Wigan will officially launch the 2014 Somali Week Festival alongside Hon. Rushanara Ali, MP. The theme of the year “Imagination” will be introduced by Sheikh Mahamud Sheikh Dalmar, a revered scholar of Islamic studies, history and civilization.


Drawing inspiration from their artistic, academic, and activist work, Dr. Hussein Bulhan, Bashir Goth, and Sahro Koshin will also collectively reflect on the theme of the year and in relation to their own work, personal and collective struggles and future hopes and aspirations.


Dr. Bulhan is based in Somaliland and is a leading figure in academia; aside from his extensive publication record, he is the former director of Hargeysa University and the founder of the Academy for Peace and Development.


Bashir Goth based in UAE, is a poet, journalist, professional translator, freelance writer and the first Somali blogger.

Sahra Koshin, from Garowe, Puntland, is a celebrated poet and writer, and also the recipient of the prestigious Dutch leadership ECHO-Award and The Rabobank National Poetry Prize. She is a Peace builder and a development expert with over 10 years of international work experience in the areas of institutional Reform, gender, human rights, and forced migration.


Following the opening, Ambassador Neil Wigan will deliver a presentation on the hopes, aspirations and challenges facing the Somali region, and discuss the UK’s involvement in Somalia, Somaliland and the wider Somali territories.  Currently based in Mogadishu he travels frequently to Somaliland, and his work has enabled him to gain an insight into recent developments in the region.


The event will close with performances by Shay Mire Dacar, a renowned lute player, Hudeydi, the King of the Lute with his trainee lute player, the novelist Nadifa Mohamed.


For updates on the program please visit our website www.kayd.org and follow us on twitter: @somaliweekfest


If you would like further information about Somali Week Festival, purchasing tickets, booking a stall or/and volunteering, please email us at info@kayd.org or call 07903712949.



Somali Week Festival is delighted to welcome international and UK based guests such as H.M. Ambassador to Somalia Neil Wigan, Hassan Daahir ‘Weedhsame’,  Abdullah Haji, Said Salah Ahmed,  Amina Farah, Shay Mire Dacar, Dr. Hussein Abdilahi Bulhan, Bashir Goth, Sahro Koshin, Mahamed Hassan “Alto, Abdullah Shafey, Jama Musse Jama, Degan Ali, Ed Pomfret, Ilwad Elman, Cristina Ali Farah, Dr Mohamed Dahir Afrah, Mohamed Hersi, Mohammed Adow and Dr Omar Eno, Hudaydi, Nimo Yasin, Aar Maanta, Nimo Degan, Said Jama, Caasha Lul Mohamud Yusuf, Dr Laura Hammond, Dr Martin Orwin, Sheikh Mahamoud Sheikh Dalmar, Nadifa Mohamed, Dr Anna Lindley, Anab Ismail, Abdirahman Xananteeye, Prince Abdi, Ali Goolyad, Rashiid Sheekh Cabdillaahi ‘Gadhwayne’, Said Ali Shire, Zaynab Daahir, Cabdiraxmaan Abtidoon, Jawaahir Faarax, Jawaahir Daahir, Jack Mapanje, Dr. Mpalive Msiska, Dr. Fadumo Farah, Farhan Hasan , Abdirahman Abees, Dr. Nasir Warfa, Fiona Dwyer, Claire Thomas, Sado Mire, Maryan Mursal, Kate Stanworth, Angela Fisher, Carol Beckwith, Asha Lul Mohamoud, Clare Pollard, Sarah Maguire, Abdirizak ‘Gaadaco’, Dr Fadumo Omar, Ikran Arale, Abdikhalaq, and more.


We would like to thank all our guests in anticipation of the festival and extend our warmest welcome to regulars and new-comers alike!


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