Africa House holds workshop Linking up Startups, SMEs and potential local investors in Somaliland


Africa House holds one day event 
Linking up Startups, SMEs and potential local investors in Somaliland to promote entrepreneurship as an alternative to job seek for the Somali youth.

Africa House, the first business incubator in Somaliland has organized a networking on day event to bring together business startups, SMEs and potential local investors in Somaliland. The event was a platform for startups, SMEs and potential investors to interact, and for startups to pitch and present their innovative businesses ideas.

During the event both entrepreneurs and potential investors in the event, highlighted that high cost of electricity and rental costs, lock of access to finance, loans, market information and absence of soft skills as the main challenges faced by startups in Somaliland.

Africa House is the first Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Development Center   in Somaliland with the objective to advance business incubation and entrepreneurship by providing facilities, information, training, advocacy and networking resources for business start-ups and SMEs. 

Africa House is currently home to a range of innovative start-ups from different industries providing services and products with a competitive edge.





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