Abdurahman Haji: Lock him up



Every year thousands of passengers fly into and out of Hargeisa Egal International Airport.But this week, a thug who has been spreading over the Facebook a vile, nasty and vulgar language against Somaliland and its people , including our newly elected President Muse Bihi, landed at the Hargeisa airport.

He uses by the name Abdurahman Haji on the Facebook page.

One his Facebook page, I watched a video shot where young senior government officials at airport welcoming him to the VIP room of the Egal Airport. In fact, the airport security manager even offered to take him to the presidential palace. A lot of Somalilanders, including myself was shock and embarrassed why airport officials are providing him such treatment.

Another video he was harassing Professor Ali Khalif and some his colleagues while they were having lunch 

But the most disturbing video was the one in which he was calling for Jihad against Somaliland security forces.

This thug, a religious panhandler, deserves to be lock up in jail and not be welcomed in the VIP room of Hargeisa Airport or the fine hotels restaurants and hotels in Hargeisa.This is a complete disgraceful, and it needs immediate action from our newly appointed Minister of interior, Mohamed Kahin.

We need a complete investigation into the serious breach of airport security.
The airport management have failed to protect our airport, and they should held accountable for their dumb action.How and why such vile person got a free ride in Somaliland?His visit made Somaliland government the laughing stock of the world.

Ali Mohamed
Editor and Founder Gubanmedia.com
Lewis Center, Ohio